Top ten most spoken languages on Earth?

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1.- Mandarin 1 billion+

2.- English 508 Million

3.- Hindustani 498 Million

4.- Spanish 392 Million

5.- Russian 277 Million

6.- Arabic 246 Million

7.- Bengali 211 Million

8.- Portuguese 191 Million

9.- Malay-Indonesian 159 Million

10- French 129 Million
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What is the most spoken language on Earth?

The most spoken language on Earth is Mandarin-Chinese , with an estimated 1.12 billion speakers, worldwide. English is the second most used language, with approximately 480 m

What are the top ten most widely spoken and written languages in the world?

1.English 2.Spanish 3.Chinese(Mandarin) 4.Arabic 5.Bengali 6.Hindi 7.Russian 8.Portuguese 9.Japanese 10.German . 1. Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion). 2. English (330 millio

What are the ten most Spoken Languages of the World?

This rank order by number of native speakers is somewhat out of date and may not be entirely accurate:. Mandarin . Hindustani . Spanish . English . Arabic . Portuguese .

Second most spoken language on earth?

The second most spoken language on earth is Spanish. Nearly all of south America and Mexico speak it, and many europeaners learn it as a second language.

What is the top 10 most spoken languages?

Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian and French. As with all lists, it is not universally accepted. Some say Spanish is second. And
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What are the top ten spoken languages in the world?

English - 2 billion speakers . Mandarin - 1 billion speakers . Spanish 500 million speakers . Hindi - 450 million speakers . Russian - 280 million speakers . Arabic - 250
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What are the top twenty most spoken languages in the world?

They are: 1. Mandarin 2. English 3. Spanish 4. Hindi-Urdu(Hindustani) 5. Arabic 6. Bengali 7. Portuguese 8. Russian 9. Japanese 10. Punjabi 11. German 12. Javanes
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What are the top ten foreign languages spoken in the US?

NATIVE SPEAKERS: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. Chinese 4. French 5. German 6. Italian 7. Tagalog 8. Vietnamese 9. Korean 10. Russian TOTAL SPEAKERS: 1. English 2. Spanish 3