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The correct question is " Me Vale Madre "
which translates to " I don't Care "
Hence, It is Mexican Slang and it could be taken as vulgar and offensive.
I rather say " No me importa " or simply " Me vale " or " me da igual "
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What is the translation for the spanish phrase nos vale madre?

It is a slang for, "We don't give a darn." It can also mean, "We don't care." If this phrase is said in Mexico then the first meaning fits. Usually, any phrase with the word "

What does mi madre mean?

My mom or mother (in spanish). Just incase you might want to know, mi padre is spanish for my dad or father.

What is 'Ti amo Sei un grande madre Mi scuso per il nostro argomento' when translated from Italian to English?

" I love you. You're a great mother. I'm sorry for our argument " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Ti amo. Sei una grande madre. Mi scuso per il nostro argoment

Mi Madres es Culpable?

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