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Greeks: Agamemnon (Mycenae), Achilles , Menelaus (Sparta), Odysseus ( Ithaca ), Ajax the Greater and Ajax the Lesser, Helen, Diomedes (Argos) etc Trojans: King Priam, Hector, Paris, Andromache, Diephobus, Cassandra,
All the gods and goddesses
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What two sides were involved in the Trojan War?

The Trojans were of the city of Troy on the Asian side of the Dardanelles Strait. The legend is that they had allies from other cities in Asia Minor.. Their opponents were Gr

Why were the gods involved in the Trojan war?

Because Eris made trouble at the banquet where she was not invited, and so threw a golden apple marked TO THE FAIREST. The goddessed all clamored to get the apple that Zeus fi

Which gods were involved in the Trojan War?

Greeks: Hera Poseidon Athena Hephaetus Hermes These gods and goddesses helped the greeks in the trojan war! Trojans: Apollo Artemus Aphrodite Ares These gods were on the troj

Was Aphrodite involved with the Trojan war?

Yes, she was. She was in the beauty contest along with Hera and Athena, and won. For this, she gave Paris the love of the most beautiful girl on earth- Helen. Only problem- sh

What was Artemis' involvement in the Trojan War?

When Agamemnon had assembled the Greek fleet at Aulis, Artemis becalmed the sea, preventing the Greeks from sailing for Troy. The seer Kalkhas declared that the goddess was wr

Who was involved in the Trojan war and how did this begin the war?

The Trojan War started at the sea nymph Thetis and King Pelias's wedding. They had decided to invite all of the Greek gods and goddesses, except Eris, the goddess of spite. Er

Why was Athena involved in the Trojan war?

because it was a war in between Greece and the Trojans in which the Greeks used the Trojan horse to defeat the Trojans. This can be found in Homer's poems: the Iliad or the Od

What civilizations were involved in the Trojan war?

The Trojan wars involved only Bronze Age Aegean civilizations. This included Troy, it's allies and all the Greek city states. Are you asking which cities were involved? The Ac

Who was involved in the Trojan War fighting?

In the Iliad, the Greek Catalogue lists twenty-nine contingentsunder 46 captains, accounting for a total of 1,186 ships. Using theBoeotian figure of 120 men per ship results i