Types of system maintenance?

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Some of the main types of System Maintenance are:

Adaptive Maintenance: where improvements to the system are necessary to adapt to changing working procedures or legislation.

Corrective Maintenance: where ongoing improvements are made (bug fixing) to ensure the system still meets the original user requirements.

Perfective Maintenance: improving the system so that it becomes more refined and more efficient at processing.

Predictive Maintenance: strategic changes made in anticipation of likely changes to technology or working practices in the future.
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Process of installation repair and maintenance electrical systems?

Electrical basics Get a job with someone knowledgeable, as ahelper, for about five years, attend electrical classes at night,read every technical manual you can secure and learn the variouselectrical codes. That should provide a rudimentary understanding of what isrequired.

What is maintenance?

Maintenance in the Job Market usually refers to cleaning, such as keeping floors clean, bathrooms clean, trash cans empty, etc.

What is power plant maintenance selection system mass aptitude testing?

he Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System (MASS) is a battery of skill and ability tests designed and validated to aid in the selection of candidates for power plant maintenance positions. This test battery measures the mental abilities found to be important for successful job performanc (MORE)

What is system maintenance?

System maintence could mean anything from updating or upgrading your computer to checking for viruses and defragging your computer.

Why system maintenance is important?

System Maintenance is very important because you need to keep your computer and system up to date and safe. It is very important to run security and windows updates everyday so that you can reduce the chance of getting viruses and spyware.. It is also important to the performance of the machine bec (MORE)

How do you reset maintenance reminder system on Mercedes c class?

Turn the key to the accesory position, find the button on your instrument cluster on the left. push that button 2 times within four seconds of the key being on. turn the key off then back on and push that button and hold it. your maintenance lights will reset. i just did this on my 2000 slk 230. the (MORE)

What type of license is need to start a maintenance company in Florida?

You need to go to the local city hall where you business will be based and apply for a business license. Cost is usually under $100, then go to a bank of your choice and open a business checking account so your clients can pay you with a company check. And last but not least go to a local insurance (MORE)

Why is preventative maintenance important for heating and air conditioning systems?

It is important if you hire an honest HVAC specialist. For the furnace or boiler He supposed to check CO2 and gas leak. Check your burner housing for cracks, check any water leaks or its possibility. Clean your burners and check the flue pipe for the proper exhaust. Oil the blower (for older models (MORE)

Why system maintenance necessary?

In computing, system maintenance is necessary for many reasons. Forexample, the network may become unstable over time or users maycause various problems.

What allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks on the computer?

If I understand the question correctly, in Windows you can go to the Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, and then System Tools. This will give you various options. You can check your system information and preform different maintenance tasks and also set your system to preform these tasks on a re (MORE)

What are the different types of maintenance systems. How Tero-technology is related to maintenance management Discuss?

The old concept of maintenance was to attend a machine after it has failed or stopped functioning. But now some more concepts have been identified and applied in the realm of MAINTENANCE. It is no more ' work after failure". According to author of one article, the following are the basics types o (MORE)

What are the different types of maintenance systems.?

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS. Maintenance Management Management characterises the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business one, through the deployment and manipulation of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or (MORE)

What type of system is the circulatory system?

The three main parts of the circ. system are heart, blood and blood vessels. The heart pumps blood and it goes through arteries to cells everywhere in your body. Then your veins bring it back to your heart. Your capillaries are what give your cells food, water and oxygen and take waste away and conn (MORE)

What are the types of maintenance carried out in a building?

There is actually quite a large menu of building maintenance services. Some services are performed more regularly than others but here is a short list of some building maintenance services: landscaping, snow removal, pest control and parking lot sweeping. For more information check the resources lin (MORE)

What is software maintenance explain its types in software engineering?

Software Maintenance : is the activity of modifying the software product after delivery ; in order to correct faults, improve performance and to improve other attributes ( attributes of a good software ) . Software maintenance is a vital element in SDLC . Normally and more often done by the deve (MORE)

How can object orientation reduce system maintenance cost?

Personal opinion. It can't. Crap code is crap in object oriented or otherwise. Great code is great code object oriented or otherwise. Maintainable code is maintainable even if it's written in clear, well documented procedural assembly language. Second opinion if the first wasn't any good : Since a (MORE)

What type of maintenance in dry type transformer?

Yearly maintenance should include blowing out dust and then vacuuming up the dust. While the transformer is down all the bolts and terminations should be checked for tightness. Make sure that the vents in the case are not blocked by foreign objects that happen to be in the same room as the transform (MORE)

What is the explanation for the Need of system maintenance?

Your computer (I'm assuming that's what your talking about) needs it to stay "in shape" via system maintenance. Useless binaries and language files can slow a hard-disk drive and if you clear them it will also save you space. Trash should be emptied, application junk and leftovers should be cleared. (MORE)

What type of maintenance must be done on boats?

Basic boat maintenance includes scraping the barnacles off of the bottom, covering your boat in a tarp when not using it, and checking the batteries and piping. In addition, regularly washing and oil changing are useful. Safety should also be considered and checking the propeller and ladders for t (MORE)

What types of jobs can a maintenance worker do?

A job as a maintenance person includes doing general repair work on equipment or property. This may involve work in commercial buildings or personal property. The person may work as an independent contractor or as part of a maintenance team.

What is the average cost of maintenance for heating systems?

The average cost for the maintenance of heating systems is directly proportional to the size (measured in BTUs) of the system and it's geographic location. Larger systems are more costly to maintain. Likewise, systems in dense cities are more costly than systems installed areas with a lower labor (MORE)

Does the HVAC system require minor or major maintenance?

HVAC is an acronym used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of all types. The amount of maintenance required on these systems depends on the type and usage of the system. System specific maintenance information is best found in the owner's manual. If that cannot be located, most ma (MORE)

What are the types of CMMS maintenance software available?

The types of CMMS maintenance softwares that are available include those that do asset management, those that do work orders, those that do safety assestment, those that do inventory control and those that system integration. Many of the CMMS softwares do some or all of these jobs and many times the (MORE)

What type of preventative maintenance is used on a hard drive?

The maintenance tasks for hard drive deal more with optimising itsstorage than cleaning. The preventive maintenance tasks for a harddrive involve the following: . Back-up the data . Run diagnostics like Scandisk and manufacturers' diagnostictools. . Defragment the drive; . Disk Defragmenter ->> (MORE)