Types of system maintenance?

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Some of the main types of System Maintenance are:

Adaptive Maintenance: where improvements to the system are necessary to adapt to changing working procedures or legislation.

Corrective Maintenance: where ongoing improvements are made (bug fixing) to ensure the system still meets the original user requirements.

Perfective Maintenance: improving the system so that it becomes more refined and more efficient at processing.

Predictive Maintenance: strategic changes made in anticipation of likely changes to technology or working practices in the future.
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What is system maintenance?

System maintence could mean anything from updating or upgrading your computer to checking for viruses and defragging your computer.

Why system maintenance is important?

System Maintenance is very important because you need to keep your computer and system up to date and safe. It is very important to run security and windows updates everyday s

Why system maintenance necessary?

In computing, system maintenance is necessary for many reasons. Forexample, the network may become unstable over time or users maycause various problems.

What are the different types of maintenance systems. How Tero-technology is related to maintenance management Discuss?

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What are the different types of maintenance systems.?

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS. Maintenance Management Management characterises the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization

What are the types of maintenance carried out in a building?

There is actually quite a large menu of building maintenance services. Some services are performed more regularly than others but here is a short list of some building mainten

What is the explanation for the Need of system maintenance?

Your computer (I'm assuming that's what your talking about) needs it to stay "in shape" via system maintenance. Useless binaries and language files can slow a hard-disk drive
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What are the benefits of system maintenance?

The benefits of a system maintenance is that it keeps a computer system running properly. It also means that software is being updated, changed, or repaired.