UP Board Intermediate Syllabus 12th?

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lim x=0, cos2x-1/cosx-1
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Solution to intermediate accounting 12th edition?

Solutions to problems in books such as Intermediate Accounting,  12th edition, are usually provided only to teachers. To get the  answers for this book, it is necessary to p (MORE)
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What is the solution to P14-6 intermediate accounting 12th edition?

At January 1, 2011, Brant Cargo acquired equipment by issuing a five-year, $150,000 (payable at maturity), 4% note. The market rate of interest for notes of similar risk is 10 (MORE)
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Did 12th state board syllabus in tamilnadu is changed for2012 2013 set?

I joined the school for the 11th standard on 12 th june,2013.i had heard that that the 11th syllabus is going to change this academic year that is 2013-2014.the next year 2014 (MORE)