Ugc approved universities in India?

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Is cmj university in shillong is approved by ugc?

CMJ University is a full fledged university and not a deemed university. CMJ University is a University located at Shillong and established by Government of Meghalaya under th (MORE)
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University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the most well respected universities in the world. It is a private research university with multiple Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars as (MORE)

5 Private Universities in Illinois That You can Attend

Many people from all over the world attend universities located in Illinois. The state of Illinois offers a variety of private and public universities to choose from. Private (MORE)

Is Shridhar university is approved by UGC?

Shridhar University is a full-fledged ISO  9001:2008 Certified Self financed University established by the  Government of Rajasthan vides Gazette dated 3/4/2010, notified by (MORE)

Is singhania university approved by UGC?

Singhania University is recognized by UGC. However for certain subjects recognition is also needed from other statutory bodies like AICTE etc. For more information on this iss (MORE)

Private Universities in the Seattle Area

Seattle is a great city to visit and an even better one in which to live, and there are a lot of private universities in the Seattle area. A little research can help you selec (MORE)
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Information on the University of Miami

Located in Coral Gables, the University of Miami, boasting more than 15,000 students, is the flagship of all the universities in Miami. A privately funded university, Miami ha (MORE)