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Un Peso is how much in the US?

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a peso is about 7 cents.
100 pesos in America is 7.31$
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How much silver is in un peso Mexican caballito from 1910?

Years Minted: 1910-1914   Composition: 90.3% Silver   Diameter: 39 mm   Weight: 27.07 grams (.7859 oz of silver)   Obverse Design: National Arms   Reverse

How much is un peso worth in Mexico?

Technically, the answer is 1 peso because you're asking about a Mexican coin in Mexico. If you're actually asking what it's worth in US currency, exchange rates change daily

How much is a peso worth in the US?

One peso is about 0.08 cents. No one knows for sure, with the economy and all, but still, that's the closest thing to what it is or will be.

How much is 1894 coins un peso republica de Guatemala?

Hello,    I have a rare looking coing marked 1894 un peco Republica Guatemala  with all these silver indian looking heads and and parots attached,  perhaps a ritual l

How much is 2000 pesos in us dollars?

/* It is about $145.00 in the United States */    Several countries use pesos as their basic currency and each one  has a different exchange rate versus the US dollar.