Underwriting criteria of a life insurance company?

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There are several different things that life insurance underwriters look for: 1) Current health (any diabetes, high blood pressure, recent heart attacks, etc) 2) Medications taken 3) Health history (such as cancer) 4) Age 5) Male/Female (women have been found to live about 8 years longer than men) 6) Tobacco user or not (NOT just smoker...tobacco of any kind) 7) Habits or hobbies (do you sky-dive, race, parasail...anything that may increase the chances of accidental death) 8) Alcohol history (have you had any DUI's or DWI's, usually doesn't count against you after a certain length of time, such as 5 years) All of these are taken into account and then compared to the mortality tables. Your rates are based off of the average life span of people with the same history as you.
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