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To seal your frig door; inside your toaster; in all the motors in your house.
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What is the use of neutralization in everyday life?

Every day we neutralize things inside and outside of our bodies without even knowing. When we suffer acidity we take milk of magnesia. Even your body alone neutralizes, diges

What everyday objects use magnets?

Objects that use magnets: CompassesSpeakersRefrigeratorsFridge MagnetsLaptopsElectro-MagnetsMotorsComputer Hard DrivesBank and Credit Cards

How is xenon used in everyday life?

It's most commonly used in photography in Xenon flash units as its a noble gas and doesn't react with other chemicals or get used up- when a high voltage is put through the ga

When do we use wheels in everyday life?

We use wheels for: Transportation: Cars, Trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, trains, etc.Making heavy machinery mobile: Cranes, loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, etc.Making we

How are databases used in everyday life?

One example of everyday use of a database is the telephone directory. Another is your own personal address book. You might also refer to the contents page or index of a book

How is the use of a magnet applied in everyday life?

Magnets are found in many thousands of devices. The most historically used magnet would probably be the compass where a suspended magnetised needle points to magnetic north. A

What are some everyday uses for magnets?

Magnets are used in computer hard drives, recording tapes, cabinet door latches, electric motors, certain types of bearings, MRI machines, and stereo speakers. In addition, th

What everyday machines use magnets?

let's see where do we begin. The lawn mower, riding or push uses magnets to keep the engine running. Almost any household appliance with a wound motor uses magnets. Everything

How are magnets used in everyday life?

Magnets are in places you usually don't think about. Remember that magnets can be roughly broken down into two types - permanent magnets and electro-magnets (sometimes "hard"

How do you use magnetism in everyday life?

Answer . Electric motors (washing machines to computer fans), (automobile engine) starters, electric clocks ( both old analog and newer digital), compass, broadcast TV and
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What are some everyday uses of magnets?

A few magnets that could be around the home are: compass needle; for navigationfridge magnetsinside a microwavebag belt bucklea credit car (magnetic stripe)inside the eartha