Vw corrado g60 stats?

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Year Introduced 1988 Kerb Weight 1115kg Engine Type Straight 4 Valves 8 valve Cylinders 4 cylinder Aspiration Supercharged Displacement 1781 cc Fuel Petrol Drive FWD Transmission 5 speed Manual Engine Location Front Mounted BHP 157 Torque (lbs/ft) 166 BHP/Ton 143 0-60mph 8s 0-100mph 24s 60-100mph 16s 1/4 Mile 16.8s Terminal Speed 86mph Kilometre N/A Top Speed (mph) 139
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Can one drive a vw corrado without the factory supercharger?

Of course you can run your VW corrado without the factory supercharger just remove the belt of the supercharger and you're done the engine will still vaccum air through the filter which's connected to the supercharger. What will happen to the car other than that if you're intrested to know 1-The (MORE)

Could you put a 1994 VW corrado engine into a 1988 VW fox?

hi,i believe it is possible because mostly all VW group ,mechanical part do fit,but still some extra work to do..my friend has installed a engine from seat Toledo 1.8 into a golf2,1.3.PIECE of CAKE. no problems at all.....very nice performances. bye

Where is location of thermostat on vr6 corrado?

the thermostat is located in the thermostat housing and that can be found by following the upper and lower radiator houses from the rad to the housing directly under the distributor or coil pack depending on the year of you rado.

Where is corrado central locking relay?

If your locking system is not functioning ,and usually the power windows and alarm are all linked together, powered by one small fuse witch is located just above the fuse / relay panel very well hidden and hard to find , it will not be shown in the directory panel ., hope this helps ,thanks Louis

Where can i find a VW Corrado fuse map?

i really need some help, i panicked and removed the relays from the fuse box and don't know what order to put them back in. should be on the back of the cover. if you're missig it, you can find a complete diagram on internet (google) or just get a bentley repair manual.... its pricey but it will a (MORE)

How do you open a corrado bonnet?

if your handle is broken, you will need to fish with a hook.... its quite difficult but possible. more info and pictures on www.corrado-club.ca

1988 Volkswagen Corrado G60 acceleration times.?

Speed 10mph 20mph 30mph 40mph 50mph 60mph 70mph 80mph 90mph 100mph Time 0.8s 1.5s 2.7s 4.2s 6.1s 8.0s 10.9s 14.4s 18.6s 24.0s Distance 2.3m 8.3m 22.5m 49.1m 92.7m 141.2m 227.8m 341.4m 500.7m 736.8m

Which is better a r32 or a corrado vr6?

The r32 is much better although the corrado looks a ton better. The r32 is awd and turbo'd, the corrado isn't. If you like looks and rarity go for the corrado, if you want speed go for the r32, although you could buy 4 corrado's for the price of an r32.

How do you activate both processors on a g60-533cl notebook?

Most computers sold these days have at least two or more cores or microprocessors in them. There are still programs used these days that were written when multi core computers were still a dream. If your computer has multi core machine is running a program that can only use a single core then your (MORE)

Can my HP G60 Run Empire. Total War?

I have an HP G60 2010 Windows 7 NoteBook with: t4300 @ 2.10 GHz Windows 7 Premium 64-Bit 3072MB of RAM Display Memory of 1309 MB I have a current display mode of 1366 by 768 (32 bit) (60Hz) I have all Direct X features enabled A Generic PnP Monitor My chip type: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Ser (MORE)

Is Call of Duty world at war is competible with G60-235DX?

Sadly, no. I am a huge call of duty fan/player and I also asked myself the same question a long time ago. As I did some research I found out that the HDMI port on the Laptop is only "output" meaning that it won't work as a TV. Although there may be a device to make it work. Good luck

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Corrado Gini was born on May 23, 1884 and died on March 13, 1965. Corrado Gini would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 131 years old today.

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Where are used Corrado cars sold?

If you are looking for a "brick and mortar" location, most Volkswagen dealerships have used cars available for sale. And most dealerships are willing to haggle price very favorably for used cars. It is strongly recommended that a prospective buyer arrive at the lot near their hometown. But if you (MORE)

What vehicle manufacturer makes the Corrado?

The Corrado in made by the car manufacturer Volkswagon. It was not sold in America until 1990. The car is a 3 door coupe wtih a Hatchback, with 2+2 seating, which is 2 up front 2 in the back.

Where can one go to see images of the VW Corrado?

The best place to see images of the VW Corrado is to create a search in Google Images. Not only will manufacturer images appear, but also images from other owners. Other owner images can show any unique modifications or aftermarket equipment available for customization.

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