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WHAT IS THE S tory sepang loca by Amelia lapena bonifacio?

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The story Sepang Loca by Amelia Lapena Bonifacio is about the depths of a village that rises with cruelty and religious but self-righteous folk.
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What are torys?

Tory/Tories are a traditional political philosophy and political party which was established in Britain after the War of the Three Kingdoms. It is well known for the Tory part (MORE)

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What is a torie?

During the Revolutionary War, a Torie [aka Loyalist] was an American who remained loyal to the British crown. They were treated very harshly by Whigs [who were against the Bri (MORE)

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Who were the Tories?

The Tories were loyalists. For example, after the US Declaration of Independence, people started taking sides, either as a patriot or as a loyalist. If you were a loyalist, yo (MORE)

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What does chicas locas mean in English?

This term means "crazy girls" in English. This term is used in Hispanic culture the same way it is used in American culture. The term is universal around the world.
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Rizal or bonifacio?

  They actually complement each other. Without Rizal, Bonifacio would not have been able to increase the number of Katipuneros, or motivate them to fight. It was because o (MORE)

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What are tories?

Tories were people during the revolutionary war who were pro British and preferred to be ruled by a monarchy. This term also refers to the members of the modern day Conservati (MORE)