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Wann hat Victoria Holmes Geburtstag?

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Wann hat Victoria Holmes Geburtstag? translates as When is Victoria Holmes' birthday?

Victoria Holmes, children's author, celebrates her birthday on 17 July. She has declined to publicize the year of her birth.
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What is Victoria Holmes' email?

It is not shown in public because her inbox would be full of fanmail that she didn't need to know about and questions she wouldn't want to answer.

Who is Victoria Holmes?

Victoria Holmes wrote Heart of Fire, Rider in the Dark, and Horse by the Sea. She lives in England and helps write the Warrior series. She is currently an editor for Harper Co

What is victoria Holmes email?

Celebrities usually do not publish their email to the public. Ms.Holmes does have a Twitter, Facebook, and other social mediapresence.

How old is Victoria Holmes?

UK author and editor Victoria Holmes is 41 years old (born July 17, 1975). * other sources indicate she is one year older, born in 1974

Where can you find Victoria Holmes?

Victoria Holmes lives in London, England. You can find her on her Spring 2009 tour of America. Dates and locations are posted at warriorswish.net

What was the hat that Sherlock Holmes wore?

Well, the common conscience is that he wore a deerstalker. But that is never mentioned in the canon. The myth came about because of Sidney Paget (the original Sherlock Holmes

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