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Wann hat justin bieber geburtstag?

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Does Justin Bieber like to wear hats?

yup cause Aa almost every interview or chat or concert, he wears either a hoodie or a hat. He likes them especially the hoodies.

Does Justin Bieber like be called jb or Justin Bieber?

Justin doesn't care. He doesnt mind being called either. He once said " My fans can call me what they want, It doesnt matter to me, I will love whatever they have to call me"

What does geburtstag means?

Geburtstag = Birthday (Geburtstag is the German translation for birthday)

Who is Soneca Bieber to Justin Bieber?

As far as I know, Justin Bieber does not have any relatives or friends named 'Soneca Bieber.' Soneca Bieber is probably not even a real person, and likely does not have any re

What is Bieber Cash by Justin Bieber?

He used to sing in the streets in Canada to earn money. He even told MTV he onced made $ 3000 by just singing with his guitar. I believe that's the reason behind BIEBER CASH.

Can you be with Justin Bieber?

Justin has said that he would date a fan, but of course he would have to fall in love with them. The thing is i don't think he'll want to date anyone anytime soon because hes

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Is it Justin Beaver or Justin Bieber?

His real name is Justin Bieber, pronounced bee-ber.

Does Justin Bieber like Savannah Bieber?

This is pointless. There is no way Justin would like someone in his family, or marry some random girl at the age of 16. NO. The girl you saw probably put Bieber as her last na

Who likes Justin Bieber and who doesn't like Justin Bieber?

Well lots of people live in the world and we can't list everyone who likes Justin Bieber and who doesn't. Also some people like him and don't at the same time. Unless you na

Wann hat Victoria Holmes Geburtstag?

Wann hat Victoria Holmes Geburtstag? translates as When is Victoria Holmes' birthday? Victoria Holmes, children's author, celebrates her birthday on 17 July. She has declined