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Warum wurde Windows 7 auf den Markt gebracht?

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Every operating system has to evolve over time,so from Vista we head to windows seven. I can only speculate about what the next system will be called, but rest assured, there will be "windows 7.2 or 7.5 or 8.o or simply 8" or another name to replace the numbers.
In deutsch: Alle systeme muessen sich ausbreiten und fortbewegen und nach Vista kam halt Windows 7. Danach wird`s wahrscheinlich windows 7.5 oder 8 geben oder es passiert unter einem ganz anderem Namen. Wie es auch geht,es geht voran.
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How does Windows 7 compare to Windows Vista?

Windows 7 doesn't really compare to Windows Vista. However, Windows 7 is way better than Windows Vista, because it doesn't have any bugs, viruses, malware, spyware, etc. and i

Can Windows XP be upgraded to Windows 7?

No. Windows 7 can be installed on a Windows XP system, as long as it meets the minimum requirements. However, it must be a clean install; a direct upgrade from Windows XP is n

How do you change window 7 background?

From your desk-top - right-click on any part of the screen (so long as your cursor isn't over an icon). Select 'Personalize' from the pop-up menu. On the new screen that shows

What does warum mean in German?

  warum means why

Does safari work on Windows 7?

Yes. Any PC running Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista or Windows 7500-MHz Pentium-class processor or better256MB of RAMTop Sites and Cover Flow require a compatible DirectX 9.0

What does 7 stands for in windows 7?

It is the 7th version of Windows. Windows Version List: Windows 1.0 Windows 2.0 Windows 3.0 (NT was code versioned Windows 3.1, so gets shoved here) All Windows 9x v

How do you get Window Colour on Windows 7?

To add color to your windows, you need to "Personalize" them. To do this in Windows 7, right click on your desktop and select personalize. This will open the control panel. Se

Can you replace Windows 7 with Windows xp?

although windows 7 is more powerful, has a higher marketing value, and tends to preferred by users it is possible to replace as long as you have the windows 7 and XP disks. R

Which is better windows 7 or windows 8?

It depends what machine you're using. Windows 8 is designed for tablets with touch-screens etc. Windows 7 is better for desk-top machines and laptops.

How can you reinstall explorer 7 in windows 7?

First go to control panel, then to uninstall program and then find internet explorer in the list. Right click it and hit uninstall. Now you either need to find an old download

What is better windows 7 ultimate or windows 7 enterprise?

Unless you plan on buying a lot of Windows 7 liscences, you should get Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. Windows 7 Enterprise is the same as Windows 7 Ultimate, except i

Full form of 7 in Windows 7?

Six eight van eight night

Can you upgrade from Windows CE to Windows XP or Windows 7?

No. Windows CE is not typically run on the same types of hardware as Windows XP or Windows 7. There is also no Windows CE version of the setup program on the Windows XP or Win
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What can you do in a den?

Be very, very board. If you have a den that me ans you have no feeinds

Which is older Windows XP or Windows 7?

Windows XP was released in August 2001 whist Windows 7 was released to manufacturer in July 2009 with retail release being October 2009. So Windows XP is around 8 years older
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What is a den?

The noun 'den' is a word for:    a wild animal's lair or habitation;   a secret place where people meet to do illegal things;   an informal room in a home used f