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I highly doubt it due to severity of the injuries her and her entourage received from the plane crashing. The coroner will have a autopsy done and if the morgution declares it orange then neither the family or the public will be allowed to view the body. Only people such as the parents can petition to view the body and even then the petition can be denied. From my understanding Aaliyah was burned extremely badly and her body was contorted so i doubt very strongly that the funeral was open casket. They had pictures of her everywhere and to the left of the casket but it was closed the entire time.
i think about Aaliyah,you 're right after a crash ,the body is severely injuried ,a crash car or a crash plane this is the same result.it was better that everybody and her family remember Aaliyah in a good record,alive,with joy.i saw my mother dead and she was different,the body change with the death.to remember Aaliyah alive was a good choice for her relatives.the death was so unwaited and tragical that everybody were shocked!!!!!
Aaliyah was very loved and will always be remembered
no because she was burned so badly her family didn't want it open

There might be also a "yes" a n d "no" answer because of the type of casket used in Aaliya's funeral. She had one of the last seamless solid copper deposit caskets (units made from electrolytically deposited copper instead of welded sheets of copper) manufactured by the former National Casket Co. of Boston, Mass. This was a very exclusive casket, extremely heavy (around 800 lbs) and extraordinarily expensive - topped only by cast bronze units. This type of casket was also used for the funerals of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and for Elvis Presley (though in their cases round corner designs had been chosen instead of the more female looking urn-shaped design used in her case). Aaliya's casket had even a silver plated finish adding to the high price. In addition to that, it was a double lid casket: under the undivided outer top there was a divided inner lid. (There is a picture of such an opened copper deposit casket on Flickr.) This would have made it possible to open the outer lid during the funeral ceremony while keeping the inner lid closed. This is sometimes done in cases of mutilated bodies: it allows the mourners to place flowers and last gifts into the casket of the deceased while being spared seeing the mutilated face. If this was the case with Aaliyah's funeral, it would have been correct to speak of a closed casket as well as of an open casket.
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Did the singer Aaliyah have an open casket funeral?

Aaliyah's casket was closed; she died in an airplane crash. The plane burst into flames immediately after hitting the ground; almost every corpse that was found was badly burned and mangled. The coroner's autopsy report states that she suffered severe burns, a blow to the head, and severe shoc (MORE)

Aaliyah open casket?

they was not goning to be able to because she was burned really really badly R.I.P TO AALIYAH H

Why was JFK's casket not open?

With respect to your question concerning the issue of an open casket funeral (or lack thereof)for President Kennedy: In his excellent book, "The Death of a President" (one of the few books concerning President Kennedy written with the full cooperation of the Kennedy family), author William Manches (MORE)

How did the tradition of open casket funerals start?

The tradition of open casket funerals began when the first Europeans to settle in North America brought with them the tradition of laying the body out inside the home before it was buried. It was during this time that neighbours could visit the home of the bereaved and take a final look at the decea (MORE)

What are Japanese funeral caskets made of?

As a funeral director in Japan, I have seen two types of casket material over the year. The traditional type is made from white poplar. Today they're all made in China of cloth covered particle board, or MDF. Readers of Japanese can learn more at our company website. http://www.all-nations.jp

Did Lisa lopes have a open casket?

It has not been reported whether or not singer Lisa Lopes had anopen casket at her funeral. It has been reported that many famouspeople attended to say their final goodbyes to the TLC groupmember.

Did Marilyn Monroe have an open casket?

according to the authoritative Marilyn Encyclopedia- Yes. She was open half length, or as some wags will call the mortuary style-Playing card fashion. The casket itself was bronze and was lined in champagne-colored silk, She was laid out in a Green Pucci Gown( presumably of the Empire type) she had (MORE)

Did the notorious big have a open casket?

According to NotoriousBIG.co.uk: . " 18 March 1997 - His [Notorious B.I.G.'s] body is flown to La Guardia Airport, where it travels by limousine motorcade to lie in state ( open casket ) at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home. And then off to eventual cremation in New Jersey." .

Did princess di have an open casket?

Not strictly speaking but there was a transparent panel at the head of the casket where through a window- maybe diamond shaped- signifying a lady, her face could be viewed. this is mentioned in some accounts.

Did anana Nicole have an open casket funeral?

Yes, but there was a very limited audience at the gravesite burial, the coffin was only open for a few minutes, called an ( over the top) service- nothing to do with Trench Warfare in World War I. Her last outfit (dress) was covered in Newpapers of the day, including the Daily News and New York Post (MORE)

Did Aaliyah have her casket open?

No she was In a plane crash and it caught on fire she was burned and got hit in the heart be a vercicle of the plane and got hit in the head too

What is an open casket funeral?

This is a funeral where the casket is open for viewing of the deceased by the mourners. It is a common type of funeral, but some families prefer that the casket be closed instead.

How do you fold flag on open casket?

If used, it would be over the lower, normally closed portion of the mortuary vessel. There are, of course, different sizes of Flags as well as coffins. This was done at the wake or viewing of Corazon Aquino- Late Philippines president- n aturally, the Phillipine Flag, not Old Glory, was used. Half-w (MORE)

Is the casket open at a Jehovah Witness funeral?

The decision to open or close a casket for a jw funeral is left up to the family and/or funeral director recommendations based on condition of decease. Many religions prohibit an open casket in the temple/religious structure.

How do they prepare a damaged skull for a closed casket funeral?

You answered your own question, if the casket is closed- there is no viewing, so no need to cosmeticize the remains, apart from health considerations- he or she would be embalmed, and one hopes, dressed. as the legal phrase goes- this case is closed. a photograph of the deceased- say good portrait h (MORE)

What company manufactured Aaliyah's casket?

Batesville The answer "Batesville" needs correction: Aaliyah was buried in one of the last seamless solid copper depositcaskets (units made from electrolytically deposited copper insteadof welded sheets of wrought copper) manufactured by the (former)National Casket Co. of Boston. This was a very ex (MORE)

Did R. Kelly attend Aaliyah's funeral?

Unfortunately because of the issues surrounding their alleged marriage in '94, R Kelly couldn't attend the funeral services of Aaliyah even though he actually did want to. Instead, he released a statement I believe from Virgin Records explaining how deeply saddened he was for the loss of Aaliyah, (MORE)

What kind of horse's pull the casket in a military funeral?

There is no specific ruling on this, for reasons of uniformity it would be preferred the entire cortege would be the same color scheme- such as Brown or Black.- but there is no definite breed pattern Morgan horses were widely used by Police and Cavalry and now that the Army use of horses is merely n (MORE)

Did Patsy Cline have an open casket?

Yes, but it was placed in her home and those who were not family members or friends did not get to see her. There was no open casket service for Patsy. Patsy's body was horribly dismembered from the plane crash, so an open casket was not an option.

Where do Open Casket hail from?

The currently active band by the name is from Cork, Ireland. There was also a band from Portugal called Open Casket, which formed in 1989, and is now split up.

Did James Dean have a open casket?

No, at the request of the family his casket was not opened, the family was the only one whom saw his body after them embalming except the obvious funeral director.

Which way first for the funeral casket?

They normally go in the church ( Fore and aft) horizontal I would imagine the feet first ( the coffin is closed at the actual requiem mass) The Principal Mourner walks directly behind the coffin. I was principal mourner at my Mother"s funeral just about a year ago!

Why was jfk casket not open for viewing?

Because he was shot in the head with a high-powered rifle and thewound caused substantial damage to the right side of his head. Theembalmer did try and reconstruct his head to as natural appearanceas possible. Some members of the Kennedy family did view himprivately. CORRECTION: The damage to the he (MORE)

Why was Aaliyah's funeral held at St. Ignatius Church?

Unbeknownst to many, not all African-Americans are Protestants (Baptist or Pentecostal) or Moslems. Statistically 13% to 15% of the Black population in the United States identify themselves as or are devout practicing Roman Catholics (this percentage is far greater when one includes Africans from th (MORE)

Do the grandchildren carry the casket in a funeral?

This task is normally performed by employees of the funeral parlor involved. the principal mourner, normally walks right behind the casket as it is led into the church. just over a year ago I performed this sad chore for my Mother. The next of kin is normally the principal mourner. Pallbearers carry (MORE)

What does the royal flag on the casket symbolize in a royal funeral?

More properly it is the Royal Standard ( not the typewriter by that name) this is often custom-made for a given monarch, as was the case with Queen Mary. It of course identifies the deceased as a member of the Royal Family- King, Queen, etc and this covers the funerary vessel.

Did Selena quitanilla had a open casket at her fuarel?

Yes, the singer was laid out in an attractive purple Gown, and was open half-length or(Playing card) fashion. There were many photos of her restored corpse in gossip magazines and the lilke. a Tragic loss of a popular songstess.

Did Amy winehouse have an funeral open casket?

No... Only because of her Jewish religion Amy Winehouse did not have an open casket as her grandmother did not as well whom her ashes were hurried next to. They were both cremated directly after the funeral at the same crematorium and hurried. There are photos posted of her green urn held by her bod (MORE)

Did Whitney Houston have an open casket funeral?

No, it was a closed casket. Before the funeral, the coffin was under heavy guard at the funeral home, to prevent unauthorized photographs. And during the ceremony, the casket remained closed. But despite the efforts of her family to have privacy, tabloid photos surfaced, claiming to show her in an o (MORE)

Did Whitney Houston have an open casket at anytime?

No, the casket was closed during the entire service and when it was carried out to the hearse, on the way to the cemetery. And before the funeral, the casket was under heavy guard at the funeral home, undoubtedly to prevent photographers from getting unauthorized pictures. That said, there are now t (MORE)

Why didn't Whitney Houston have an open casket funeral?

Her family did not want an open casket, and it was their decision. There are many reasons why the families of celebrities decide not to have an open casket: the person was injured before they died, the person would be mobbed by fans, the person's religion doesn't permit an open casket. In this case, (MORE)

What is the the smoke that priest shake at the casket at funerals?

The canister hanging from a chain is referred to as either a thurible or censer. Inside is a mixture of charcoal and Resins, such as Frankincense, Amber, and Myrrh. There can be elements of Patchouli, Lavender, Cassia and other items as well. Most Anglo/Catholic thurifers use a quality mix consistin (MORE)

What is the sacred cloth that covers the casket at funerals?

The sacred cloth which covers the casket during the Christian funeral service is a pall . The expression has its origin in the Latin word "pallium", meaning cloak. The use of a pall for covering the coffin began in the Middle Ages; originally the palls had bright colors and featured religious pa (MORE)

What does it mean to be in a funeral parlor but no casket of a family member?

This dream has no casket because it is not referring to an actual death. Instead, the funeral parlor suggests your anticipation of something in your life that is coming to an end and the need to be prepared in the sense of "making arrangements." Whatever is ending might be anything from a marriage t (MORE)

Is there a special presidential casket to be used at presidential funerals in the US?

No. The familes involved choose their own caskets. Addition to the answer: p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } There is indeed noofficial "presidential casket", but there is one casket designwhich was chosen for the burial of several American presidents(Kennedy, Ford, Nixon an (MORE)

What casket was chosen for the funeral of Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe was buried in an expensive luxury casket selected by Joe DiMaggio at the Westwood Village Memorial Park. The casket was a silver finished "Masterpiece" bronze casket, which was made of extra strong 15 gauge sheets (meaning partially of 16 gauge / 48 ounces per square foot sheets and p (MORE)

What is meant by a Kennedy casket being offered by funeral homes?

It can mean almost anything, although it really should mean that avery specific casket is offered by the funeral home. One shouldexpect the funeral home to offer either the type of casket chosenfor the funeral of President Kennedy or its modern successor model.JFK was buried in a solid mahogany cask (MORE)

Was Aaliyah's casket made of pure gold?

Press photos taken in black & white showing Aaliyah's shining metallic casket can give the impression that it was made of pure gold. But actually it was a silver plated copper deposit coffin. After the death of American singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton (caused in 2001 as a result of a plane crash on the (MORE)

Did Beyonce go to Aaliyah's funeral?

It does not seem that Beyoncé attended Aaliyah's funeral. Herhusband Jay-Z, however, was in attendance. Jay-Z and Aaliyah were acouple before he and Beyoncé became a couple.

What type of casket was JFK's Dallas casket from Oneal funeral home?

Vernon O'Neal provided a solid bronze double lid (non-glass) sealercasket named "Handley", manufactured by the (former) Elgin MetallicCasket Company of Elgin, Ill. It had an amber "Britannia" finish -Elgin's designation for a partially brushed (i.e. "scratched"looking) casket exterior, the unbrushed (MORE)