Was Andrew Jackson against minorities?

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He was a man of his times. People who were not white were considered inferior. This included Native Americans, Asians, African Americans, Hispanic and women. The term "minority " is a modern concept, so yes he was against those who were inferior to white men.
Yes. He was a man of his time and African Americans, Native Americans, women, and other races were considered inferior.
He was a man of his time and saw the African American, Native Americans, women, and other races as inferior. So, yes he was along with the dominant society of the time.
This is a hard question to answer since Jackson was a man of his time. Slavery was still important and the Native Americans were being displaced due to western movement. Jackson was the first frontier president and a man of the people. He opposed the renewal of the charter of the Bank of the US because he saw it as an enemy of the common man and only for the rich. Yet, when GA ignored federal law and claimed millions of acres of Cherokee lands he did nothing. Even when the Supreme Court ruled that GA had no authority to claim the land. The end result was the Trail of Tears in 1838 when 15,000 Cherokee were walked to reservations and thousands died. We have to look at the time through the lenses of his age and not with our modern minds. In doing this he was not against minorities, but reflected the views of his time. To us, yes, he is against minorities, but to him he wasn't.
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