Was Baja California after World War 2 intended for a new Jewish state?

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No. During WW2, president Roosevelt was contacted by French princess Marie Bonaparte to purchase Baja California from Mexico and convert it into a Jewish state, considering it was "an empty, arid land without economic infrastructure". Even some modern political analysts argue in favor of such move.

Just like Palestine before the modern state of Israel came to exist however, it was not empty, had a small but sizable population and was not for sale. At the end, Mexico's administration was never contacted for such purchase, but considering the renewed friendship between the United States and Mexico fighting Germany and Japan during WW2, it would have been a really bad move - remember that Mexico lost half its territory to the United States 100 years before and the last incursion of American military into Mexico had happen as recently as 1917. Such offer would have been badly received, turning relations with Mexico pretty cold, and at the time, the United States required every country it could to be on its side fighting both the Japanese and German juggernauts.
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