Was Custer a general or a colonel?

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Custer was a colonel, although during the Civil War he attained the rank of a brevet general. Brevet means a temporary promotion to general. Although Custer kept his brevet rank for a time after the war, it was later taken away from him, and he was a colonel when he died. [If Custer had been a general at Little Big Horn he would have commanded more than one regiment.]
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Where was General George A Custer killed?

George Armstrong Custer was killed in the Battle of the LittleBighorn July 25-26, 1876 in Montana. The name of the battle is the L ittle Big Horn , and is alsothe name of the

Where did General Custer die?

Near the Little Bighorn River in what is now part of the Crow Reservation in southeastern Montana. Custer, more accurately a Lieutenant Colonel at the time, was killed along

How did general george Custer die?

General George Custer was an officer in the US Army and a commanderfor the cavalry during both the American Indian Wars and the CivilWar. He died on June 25, 1876 in Little Bi

Who was General Custer?

George Armstrong Custer was the Boy General of the Civil War. A West Point Cadet when the war began, he was a dashing and flamboyant Major General when the war ended. Revert

How old was General Custer when he died?

Custer was 36 when he died in battle against the Sioux on June 25,1876. (born December 5, 1839) Though his wartime rank reached Major General, George ArmstrongCuster was a Li

Why did the Indians kill general Custer?

Because he was trespasing on their teritory with a view to masacring them as the US military had been doing all over the country. The Indians felt it was amatter of kill or

What did general custer do?

General Custer is famous for his last stand where every last man in his army was slain by American Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn in Montana.

Was Custer a general or colonel during the Battle of Big Horn?

Custer was a colonel during the Battle of Little Big Horn, as a regiment is normally commanded by a colonel, while a general commands multiple regiments. I think the confusio

What gun did general Custer use?

Custer used a .50 calibre sporting version of the Spencer Rifle in the 1867 Kansas Campaign. In about 1872 Custer had a 1866 .50-70 Trapdoor Springfield modified to a sportin
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Who played General Custer in the movies?

"Custer's Last Fight" (1912). Francis Ford "Britton of the Seventh" (1916). Ned Finley "Bob Hampton of Placer" (1921). T.D. Crittenden "Wide Open Spaces" (1924). Al Forbes