Was Edwina Carroll the woman that played the bmk carpet judo girl in the adverts?

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yes, it was Edwina Caroll, the anglo-burmese lady who also was a stewardess in 2001 and was in the first ever episode of UFO. I don't think she knew judo though, and the fighting was done by a stunt lady. Edwina now keeps a shop in Covent Garden.
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What is judo?

It is performed in a dojo (Japanese word for judo hall) with mats/ padding called Tatami.Judo is a combat martial art which relies on quick reactions, balance, stamina and strnegth. The two kinds of fighting (randori) are called standing work (Tachi-waza) and ground work (Ne-waza) and there are many (MORE)

How do you get play dough out of carpet?

Play dough is water soluble. scrape as much as you can off the carpet, then wet the area with a spray bottle of water. Gently work the fibers with a nylon brush, and use a shop vac to vacuum as you go. it may take a little while to get it all, just be patient so as not to damage the carpet fibers

Where is judo played?

Judo is not a game. Judo is a martial art and an Olympic discipline. So, it is more appropriate to say that Judo is practiced instead of played. Judo is practiced in a dojo. A dojo is the place where Japanese martial arts are practiced.

How do you play judo?

There are two opponents, both wearing gees (not sure about that spelling) who "spar" on a mat about 10 by 10. to win a match, you must get a full point (epone). to get a full point, you can throw your opponent flat on their back or pin them for 25 seconds. there are also half points, quarter points (MORE)

Who played in judo?

Many, in Singapore one of the greatest would be Tang Soon Ann. But there are many others, of course. You can search for them quite easily on the web.

Is there a girl name Bre'shuna Carrol?

Yes, there is a girl name Bre'shuna Carroll because this is Bre'shuna Carroll answering this question. Thank You . ~!Dat One and Only Bre'shuna Monique Carroll!~*

Is judo harmful for girls?

No it's not. It's actually very good excercise, having components of isometric, aerobic and mechanical excercise in it. It's also a means of improving restraint, coordination, balance and calm. There are also meditative aspects of it.. Most of the martial arts try and find a way to equalize body si (MORE)

How do you get play dough off a carpet?

Work on removing the stain as soon as you notice it. The longer the stain is left on the carpet the greater the chances are of the stain setting. . In every case remove all excess wet or dry material before attempting to clean. Blot wet materials using a white terry towel (check helpful hints for a (MORE)

What are the lyrics to edwina from Dear Edwina?

Roll out the barrow Look at who's here Who's made advice a stellar career Even if it goes out of one ear EDWINA If you believe good manners are scary Never you fear here comes your good fairy Brighter than the moon's glow She knows where the spoons go! Write her a letter she will reply Then you c (MORE)

Why do you say do judo not play judo?

You say "do judo" because it isn't usually casual, and doesnt require a team, just two people. Such as you play football, but you do Karate. The term of "i do" is usually refered to any martial art that is practised, rather then "i play". This could be related to the feeling that to do something is (MORE)

How long has judo been played for?

As an Olympic sport since 1964. It was developed in Japan in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano as a sport version of jiu jitsu. hi Anders J Frizzo

Who played Wonder Girl on Wonder Woman?

Debra Winger played Wonder Woman's kid sister, Wonder Girl, in Season 1 of Wonder Woman on ABC in 1975. It was one of her very first acting jobs. She appeared in two episodes. As of 03/07/2010 she has been nominated for three (3) Academy Awards (Oscars), but she has not won. . Best Actress in a (MORE)

How does an advert play with one's emotion?

Several emotions are caused by adverts, depending on what its advertising, i.e. if its an advert for the latest model of car or an iPhone, the viewer will feel both emotions of desire and possibly jealousy, especially if they know that their peers own such possessions.

Who is stronger a boy or a judo girl?

As every individual is different, I can't answer this question exactly. But an average boy would be stronger than an average girl who knows judo.

Who is the girl in the crabbies ginger beer advert?

Due to stalking and such, answers like these get hard to find. However I am sure with letter headed notepaper and genuine commercial interest you will find out. Try writting to Crabbies marketing Dept if you are offering work.

Who is girl in black 118 advert?

Can I offer absolutely no answer to this question, because I do not know and it is not my area of knowledge? Just like 99% of all other 'answers' on this website. Just so I can feel one of the gang or in some way, helpful. You know who you are...

What bones would you break playing judo?

Whatever bone you fall on wrong. I have dislocated my hip and have also broken my leg. In judo tournaments however I have seen a couple of people leave on an ambulance with a neck brace on. It just depends on how you fall and how they fall on you.

Who is the girl in the advert girl on the platform smile?

I dunno but its driving me crazy as shes utterly georgeous!...I've just seen her in Phoneshop on E4...But her name isn't in the title! I would love to know who she is, as far as I am concerned she has the most beautiful look about her. What an absolute beauty, forget the film stars ! She is called L (MORE)

Who is the girl in the new dulux advert?

marilyn o,brian,also she was in the barclays spinning coins add,where she did a dance to dead or alive you spin me right round.i find there is something very very attractive,natrually sexy,lucky girl!

What year was judo first played?

It was first played at the Kodokan in Tokyo in 1882 as such, but the 22 year old Jigoro Kano had already spent several years developing it as a system.

Who are the girls in the Ariel washing powder advert?

There are many Ariel laundry soap commercials and ads. These wheretaken all over the World and they have had many actresses andmodels in them. The company has not given the media a list of theyoung ladies that advertise their protect.

What muscles are most important to play judo?

No single set of muscles are most important. One aspect of a martial art is to use all of the body. The legs provide the support, the core muscles provide stability and the arms for leverage.

What movie and television projects has Edwina Carroll been in?

Edwina Carroll has: Performed in "The Charlie Chester Show" in 1949. Played Fatima in "A Town Like Alice" in 1956. Played Laila in "White Hunter" in 1957. Played Ella in "Web" in 1957. Played Chinese Dancer in "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness" in 1958. Played Mrs. Marlowe in "The World of Suzie Wong" (MORE)