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Was Joseph Goebbels a perpetrator or a victim of the Holocaust?

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perpetrator, like Hitler he did not actually kill anyone himself, but he helped create the environment that made the Holocaust possible.
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What difference did Joseph goebbels make?

I never liked that blunt bi-directional phrase ( something can be different- inded decisive and dead Wrong. also seems to imply an unpleasant duty- like agit prop= you know sa

What nicknames did Joseph Goebbels go by?

Joseph Goebbels went by The Malicious Dwarf, The Nazi Megaphone, Bumsbeen, and Nachgedunkelter Schrumpfgermane.

How did Joseph goebbels die?

  There are some different accounts of his death. After having his children killed with poison, he either shot his wife and then himself; or ordered an SS man to shoot the

What was Joseph Goebbels and HItler relationship like?

Joseph Goebbels and Hitler originally did not have everything in common in terms of nationalism. However, Hitler managed to charm the future propaganda minister to the point w

Why was Joseph Goebbels called the poison dwarf?

He was of short physical stature and had a deformed foot. the poison part comes from the lurid hate propaganda of Joseph Goebbels. It was shrill hate propaganda with just a to

What is Joseph Goebbels children's names?

  Magda Goebbel (the wife) had a son from a previous marriage named Harald. then there was: Helga Susanne Hildegard Traudel Helmut Christian Holdine Kathrin He

Who were the perpetrators of the Holocaust?

Perpetrators were those who did the killing. The legal deffinition is a bit larger, including those who ordered the actions also. The moral deffinition larger still, it includ

What was Joseph Goebbels known for?

  Goebbels was the nazi Minister of Propaganda almost ( From start) in the Nazi pantheon. He was also, during the war Gauleiter ( roughly county executive/governor of Berl

What was Goebbels role in the Holocaust?

Joseph Goebbels had both direct and indirect involvement in the holocaust. The American Experience website at pbs.org explains that, "He played probably the most important rol