Was Judge Ooka a real person?

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Yes, Judge Ooka was a real peson. Judge Ooka was alive during the Tokgawa Period.
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Is SpongeBob a real person?

Real sponges do not talk or look anything like Spongebob. Sponges do not bathe, blow bubbles with bubble wands, do karate, or make sandwiches. When Spongebob works, he uses a grill. Grills do not work under water. spongebob is not a real person if he was on TV he would look more real

Can a real person be a punching bag?

Not really...however, the phrase is in use when a boxer is "meat" in a real competition. Someone being beaten on (and often taking it) as if they were a "punching bag".

Was Homer a real person?

For centuries the tales of the Trojan War were sung by the bards. As these bards (rhapsodes) made up their performance (along the general theme) as they went along from a collection of stock phrases they memorised, each bard not only delivered different versions from the other, but also each of thei (MORE)

Is Judge Judy a real judge?

She was a judge, but she retired. She is now a arbitrator, decidinglegal cases that otherwise might have been settled in Civil Court.Other than returning misappropriated property, litigants on her TVshow are not legally responsible for monetary awards she orders, asthese are paid by the show. Judge (MORE)

How can you judge a person?

You can judge a person by their looks/clothes/personality etc, but I don't know why you would want to do that.

Is Judge Judy real?

Judge Judy is a real judge. The cases are also real however they are re enacted with actors.

Was monalisa real person real?

Yes, her name was Lisa Giocanda(sp?), it is now believed her husband had commissioned her portrait because they had just had a baby. The painting was never finished, but you can kind of see going around her neck is a white scarf, which was a cultural symbol for having successfully given birth, they (MORE)

How do judges normally rule on personal guarantees?

Normally judges takes strict action against personal guarantee and make then liable to pay the outstanding amount, whenever borrower default in his payment. Personal guarantor is the person who takes the responsibility of the dues unpaid by the borrower or not paid by the borrower.

What is the difference in judges on tv and a real life judge?

Well there are many differences the main one is the way the judges act. In real life judges rarely speak compared to 'Judge Judy' who as you probably know talks most of the time. In real life (in Australia) Lawyers are not aloud to move around the room, as it is very enticing to the defendant. (Hope (MORE)

How do you address a judge in a personal letter?

To address a judge in a personal letter, start out the letter with "Dear Sir or Madam". Explain in great detail and thoroughly why one is writing the letter to the judge. In the end of the letter thank them for their time.

Is judge judy a real show?

Is it a real show? lol..I sued the real kramer, Kenny Kramer on Judge Judy in California. I was paid airfare and costs to stay and go to L.A.. Our case as partially fixed. i was approached by a judge judy research person in nyc small claims court. i was told if i filed suit , it would be on judge ju (MORE)

How we can judge personality of a person?

Look where their eyes go- If it's straight to your face they'll be Down to earth and Honest. If it slightly wonders around then their shy or curious. If they Don't look at you then their not intrested and are rude. Look for Body language too. 78% of first impressions are what peoples Body lan (MORE)

What happens when a person threatens a judge?

If it occurs in open court, you could be immediately placed in custody for contempt of court. Depending on the type of threat, you could also be charged with menacing, harassment, or disorderly conduct.

Is John Morrison a real person?

John Randall Hennigan uses the name John Morrison as a stage/wrestling name in his job as a professional entertainer/wrestler with the World Wrestling Entertainment company.

Was Daedelus a real person?

Daedelus was the inventor of the labyrinth of Minos. This labyrinth was designed to keep hidden the Minotaur (a creature that was half-bull, half-human) and to keep hidden the shame of Pasiphae (Minos' wife who was cursed by Poseidon to mate with a bull). Daedelus was trapped by the King in a towe (MORE)

Was nicholas flamel a real person?

Yes, he was a successful French scribe and manuscript-seller. Hisreputation as an alchemist developed after his death, however, andlegendary accounts of his discovery of the Philosopher's Stone(believed to help the owner achieve immortality) appeared in the17th century.

What is Tom Kaulitz's real personality?

Well, I don't know him personally, and there are many conflicting stories about him. I think we know that he loves women, but he has said in an interview that he's always been faithful. My friend has met him, and she sdays that he's actually really sweet and a little bit shy at first. :) I think he' (MORE)

Was Annabel Lee a real person?

Annabel Lee was probably Poe's wife, Virginia Clemm, whom he married when she was only 13. Their marriage was a very happy one. Unfortunately, she died of tuberculosis in January 1847, when she was still in her twenties.

Is Judging a person the same as stereotyping a person?

Well, technically no. Stereotyping somebody means that you are assuming that all other members of that group, religion, race, etc. are all the same based on what you have seen from that particular person. Judging someone is basically the same as stereotyping, with the exception that it does not bran (MORE)

How do you address a retired judge in person?

The Honorable [first name] [lastname] or Judge [first name] [lastname] You may say "Your Honor" "sir" or "Judge ( last name)". It is also acceptable to say Mr. (last name) as not everyone will know he was a judge.

Can a person dismiss a judge?

No. A person cannot dismiss a judge. However, a person can request a judge remove herself from the case if they have a good enough reason.

Why was Judge Judy bounced from the real court bench?

Judith Scheindlin, Judge Judy, was not 'bounced' from the bench. In 1996, after 10 years as prosecutor in New York City family court and 13 years as a judge hearing over 20,000 cases, Sheindlin retired. Judge Judy was highly respected while she served and came to national attention in February 1993, (MORE)

Can a judge arrest someone personally?

they can order arrests to happen. professionaly no, they are not a peace officer. they are basically and judicial politician that decides the fate of someone who has been charged with a crime. however, a citizens arrest from a judge is alot more appealing than a normal person who tries to handcuff s (MORE)

Is it wrong to judge someone based on their personality?

If you're going to judge someone at all, doing so on their personality is the best trait you could choose. Its how you decide whether or not you like them. So, yes its okay, just don't gripe about them, or people will negatively judge you on your personality.

What is the real name of Judge Dread?

Judge Dredd is a fictional character created originally for the British science fiction anthology 2000 A.D. His full name is Joseph Dredd, and he is a Street Judge in the fictional Mega-City One Justice Department. The comic strip was named after him, as the primary character and most famous of th (MORE)