Was Magellan eaten by cannibals?

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yes, by native Philippians after he was speared to death in battle.
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What is cannibalization?

Cannibalization has many definitions, but one of the simplest is to define it as taking serviceable parts from a thing that does not work to use them on another thing that doe

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Cannibals are humans who eat other humans. Or: Species that consume for food their same species: MANY animals have been known to exhibit cannibalistic behaviors. 1)a person

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Hudson and his crew were set adrift by mutinous seamen some time in his last expedition. This was in northern waters. Hudson and company succumbed to starvation, drowning, oh

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Maybe. I've only seen that kind of stuff in movies though. Answer Cannibalism is thought to have been carried out during the recent Liberian and Congo wars. Ritual

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What famous explorer was eaten by cannibals?

Giovanni da Verrazzano, in 1528, during his third voyage to North America, after exploring Florida, the Bahamas and the Lesser Antilles, Verrazzano anchored out to sea and row