Was REA supported by the Supreme Court?

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Rural Electrification Act of 1936?

Are you asking about New Deal legislation? Please clarify.
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Can a Supreme Court judgment for Child Support be changed by a Family Court?

Sorry, no go. Supreme Court Judgments can't be overturned by mere Family Courts-- unless you live in Rhode Island (they do things differently in Rhode Island. Once, I shot my

Was the US Supreme Court initially supportive of Roosevelt's attempts to deal with the Great Depression?

No. The nine Lochner-era justices Roosevelt inherited from earlier administrations opposed most of his New Deal legislation, declaring six of the eight major Acts unconstitut

Who supported the Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court decision?

The southern states and their white citizens believed they benefited from the Supreme Court's decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, (1896) because the Court's decision allowed

Was the Supreme Court supportive of Franklin D Roosevelt's efforts to solve the Great Depression?

The Supreme Court was wary of FDR's programs because the size of the federal government that they would create was unprecedented in American history. Also, many of his program
In Plessy v. Ferguson

How did the supreme court ruling n plessy v Ferguson support segregation laws?

The Supreme Court ruling in Plessy V. Ferguson supported segregation laws by enforcing the doctrine of separate but equal. This meant that blacks and whites could be segregate