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According to a Cable Network newscast reviewing Palin's background, she was expected at a social function in late August 1988. Instead of attending this function, she eloped with her boyfriend, and got married. A little less than 8 months later, her son was born.
1. Sarah Palin's first son, Track Palin, was born April [20], 1989.

2. Sarah Palin was married on August 29, 1988. She eloped.

3. 40 weeks is the typical human pregnancy.

4. 40 weeks before her son's birthday, April 20, 1989, is July 14,
1988 - i.e., that would be the hypothetical day of conception.

5. If this data is correct, that would mean that Sarah Palin eloped
six weeks after her son's conception.

6. Sarah Palin's son could still be legitimate if he was born six
weeks premature, AND if he was conceived on the night his parents
7. The child is definitely legitimate. The child was born to married partners. Legitimacy is determined at birth, not conception, so the son is legitimate.
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