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Was Selena barefoot in her casket?

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no she had shoes
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What is a casket?

A casket is either a little box, such as a jewellery casket, or acoffin.

Why is she barefoot?

Well because girls don't need to wear shoes.   Before Samoa was colonised by missionaries and/or foreign countries, we didnt wear shoes. So now when we dance (our tradition

What is the difference between barefoot and barefooted?

There is no real difference. Its just a different way of saying the same thing. "Barefooted" is more commonly used in the southern United States than in other places. "Barefoo

What is the length of a casket?

The standard length of American casket varies between 80" and 83". Over the time, the standard length has increased because the average size of people has increased. The longe

How much is a casket?

According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the  average retail price of a metal casket was $2,395 in 2012. (More  than two thirds of all caskets sold in

What is a a protective casket?

The majority of metal caskets are protective caskets, meaning that they use some type of sealing mechanism, usually a natural rubber gasket, to prevent the entrance of air or

Did Selena quitanilla had a open casket at her fuarel?

Yes, the singer was laid out in an attractive purple Gown, and was open half-length or(Playing card) fashion. There were many photos of her restored corpse in gossip magazines
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What is a golden casket?

The Golden Casket is a company that makes luxury caskets for funerals. They make their caskets with 24 Karat Gold and are handcrafted using very old techniques.