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I have no clue what a feminist is, so, I have no clue if Shakespeare was a feminist (whatever that is.)
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Who are feminist philosophers?

  Answer   Feminist philisophers are those women or the philoshopers who talk about the right of the female and even fight for it. They say that female are also equal

Are feminists bad?

Answer   Feminists are not evil. But they are misunderstood. Feminists are essentially anyone, woman or man, who believes that women should have the same rights as men. T

Who was the first feminist?

A few not so flippant answers     Catherine de Medici     or     Boedicia of Londinium     or     Pope Joan (look her up)  

Why are feminists lesbian?

Hm? Oh, yes! There's been an ongoing stereotype of feminists not liking men- so they must be lesbian, right? Actually, this isn't really correct. Feminists are against men t

What is feminist morality?

a consequence of the low esteem in which women were traditional held; in some areas of the world, are still held. Restrictions on dress, education, travel, and even expression

Why was Artemis a feminist?

She wasn't a feminist per ce, but she was a strong, independent female who vowed to remain a maiden forever, and thus not be involved with men.

Is Shakespeare a feminist or anti-feminist?

It really depends what you look at, and what your preconceptions are. A lot of attention is paid to The Taming of the Shrew, but that is only one play, and the only one in whi

What is the theory of a feminist?

Feminist theory extends the feminism movement into theoretical and/or political discourse. Feminists aim to understand and bring awareness to gender inequality and the promot

How do you be a feminist?

Simple. Feminism is just the belief that men and women are equal.  Once you realize that, yay, you're a feminist!    If you mean how do you become more involved in the