Was bing Crosby a wife beater?

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Supposedly he was very abusive towards his wife and towards his children.
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Was Bing Crosby related to Fanny Crosby?

I would also wonder. I am to related to fanny Crosby and have many times been told that I am related to Bing. I know for sure that Crosby family that spells their name Crosbie

How tall was Bing Crosby?

5'7", according to http://www.celebheights.com/s/Bing-Crosby-1601.html. 5'7", according to http://www.celebheights.com/s/Bing-Crosby-1601.html

Is it wife beater or white beater?

im sure its White beater, but i still say wife beater, i got a strong Jersey accent so when i say it , it sounds like wife beater

Did Bing Crosby beat his kids?

Although he has been accused of doing so there is no proof, so one would assume that he did not. It is possible that his children fabricated that story to gain attention. Of c

Did Bing Crosby abuse his children?

Three of his children have stated VERY publicly that Bing was a physically and emotionally abusive father, one admits to the use of corporal punishment but denies it was abusi

Was Bing Crosby a harsh man?

Crosby's eldest son wrote a critical memoir, 'Going My Own Way,' showing his father as cold, remote, and both physically and psychologically abusive. Two other sons stated Cro

Did Bing Crosby epitomize Christmas?

Certainly no other popular entertainer sold as many Christmas records! It should be noted, there are numerous Theological flaws in not only White Christmas, but many of Crosby