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Was fidel Castro's mother Jewish?

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he is descended from a Turkish Jew on his mother's side.
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Who was Fidel Castro's role model?

Fidel Castro identified him with great generals such as Alexander the Great, Aníbal, and Napoleon. He also expresses great respect and admiration, in spite of their political

What was the reason for Fidel Castro's arrest?

He was arrested and convicted for killing Batista's wounded soldiers at a military hospital. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but Batista granted him amnesty after serv

What were some of Fidel Castro's interests?

According to the few things given in his spoken autobiography, My Life (written by Ignacio Ramonet), Fidel Castro's personal interests include international history and readin

What are Fidel Castro's contributions?

When he took over in Cuba most of the people couldn't write or read. He gave them education sending people to the most rural areas to teach the farmers how to read, free hospi

Who are Fidel Castro's siblings?

Web Answer   Castro has two brothers; Raul and Ramon and four sisters: Juanita, Enma, Agustina and Angelita . He also has two half siblings, Lidia and Pedro Emilio.

What were some of fidel Castro's flaws?

Castro probably did some good - when he wasn't putting bullets into the heads of men, women and children but he was He was a mass-murderer. There was no free press and no expo