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Was fidel Castro's mother Jewish?

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he is descended from a Turkish Jew on his mother's side.
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What year was fidel Castro's mother born?

He was born out of wedlock. His mother was Lina Ruz González

What are Fidel Castro's contributions?

When he took over in Cuba most of the people couldn't write or read. He gave them education sending people to the most rural areas to teach the farmers how to read, free hospi

Why is Fidel Castro's brother famous?

Because he is now the president of Cuba. umm the person above me is wrong there is no president in Cuba. Cuba is a dominican (i spelled it wrong) republic i learned it last ye

What is Fidel Castro's job in Cuba?

He was a lawyer.

What was fidel Castro's government status?

socialist dictatorship

Who is Fidel Castro's family members?

His family is his wife Dalia Soto del Valle, and their five children, Antonio, Alejandro, Alex, Alexis and Ángel

What were some of fidel Castro's flaws?

Castro probably did some good - when he wasn't putting bullets into the heads of men, women and children but he was He was a mass-murderer. There was no free press and no expo

What is Fidel Castro's IQ?

well he's said to have a prodigous memory, reciting speeches and  quoting long passages from books. Also any political leader who  manages to rule as a dictator, but still h