Was gene simmons ever in the us army?

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yes... the kiss army! but seriously hes never been in the army but his daughter had to do a report for the army so he took her to a camp and they did boot camp but he faild horribly
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Who is Gene Simmons?

He is the bass guitarist and one of the main lead singers for the band KISS.

Has gene simmons ever done drugs or alcohol?

he says he has "never been high, drunk, or smoked in his life however he ate some hash brownies by accident according to Peter Criss states, "It was dirty of us, but we just w

What bass does gene simmons use?

Gene Simmons has used various bass guitars during his career including: . Axe Bass (Kramer, Jackson, B.C. Rich and now Cort) . Punisher Bass (B.C.Rich, now made by Cort) .

Did gene simmons ever use drugs?

No he has never drank alcohol or used drugs in his entire life. He has always been clean. If you like KISS, he has a T.V. show called "Gene Simmons, Family Jewels" it is on A&

Did Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley ever fight on TV?

paul and gene were having a interview and paul was hogging all the questions. gene told the camera man to shut it off for a second but the man kept it on by secret. gene told

Will US army ever lose?

No war can ever be won, if one American soldier loses their life then how can you honestly state that were won. However, one who chooses to serve their country knows that losi