Was ist das?

" What is that ! " is the maening of this common German exclamation.. meaning what is that ^o^

Was ist das Schulbiologiezentrum?

to answer this question, let's divide the words into different parts. das=the Schul=School biologie=biology zentrum=center So, in the end, das Schulbiologiezentrum translated (MORE)

Was beteutet das wort ostera?

Ostera is not a German word. The closest word in German is Ostern meaning Easter. It is derived from the Old Germanic Austrō > Ausro meaning dawn and was probably (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Das Wort - 1970?

The cast of Das Wort - 1970 includes: Heribert Aichinger as Ein Kellner Vilma Degischer as Franziska Langer Kurt Heintel as Van Zack Toni Hitz as Frau Flatterer Hans Holt as H (MORE)