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Trilingual, also wenn man dreisprachig aufgewachsen ist/drei Sprachen flüssig spricht.
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How many people in the world are trilingual?

It would be almost impossible to state the exact number of peoplein the world that are trilingual. By estimation, millions of people(or more) out of the world's 7 billion popu

What is a trilingual cat?

is a cat that speakes different languages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ha lol jk there is no such thing as a trilingual cat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you raise trilingual children?

Super helpful website: http://www.multilingualchildren.org/faq.html. Definitely look to the upper left hand side of the page for more info and links. Good luck! Wishing you g

What are synonyms of the word trilingual?

Because trilingual is quite a specific word, it is difficult to find with a true synonym for it. The closest word would be polyglot , which is a general term for someone who

Was Jesus trilingual?

Answer. It is very likely that Jesus was bilingual. He spoke Aramaic, the common language but would have also understood Hebrew the language of worship.

You are 13 trilingual and want to learn German Any suggestions?

German can be a very difficult language to learn but very beneficial. Just be sure you understand the articles (der die das die) because every single word has one and you have
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Is the word trilingual Greek or Latin?

It was actually coined in 1834 in English, but the base word originates from the Latin lingua. See the Related Link listed below for more information: