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James was reputed to be bisexual, which technically, includes being gay.

According to filmmaker Samuel Fuller, who made the film I Shot Jesse James in 1949: "Jesse James, as a teenager, was a female impersonator. He would dress as a girl and lure soldiers into his cabin like a whore, get them drunk, then his brother Frank would come in, kill them and rob them... He became a hero in the folklore, but Jesse James was a despicable character. The first train he robbed was full of wounded soldiers. He killed and robbed the wounded soldiers."

Fuller echoed this sentiment in his autobiography, calling James, "bisexual, masquerading as a girl to hold up trains that were carrying medical supplies. The guy was a low-down thief, a pervert, and a sonofabitch. But you couldn't show that stuff on a screen back then, demystifying one of the great American icons."

Although considered on outlaw of the "Old West," James and his cohorts never ventured further west than Minnesota and east Texas. They never operated west of the continental divide.
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Is Jesse L Martin gay?

No he isn't, despite constant and long running rumours to thecontrary. Apparently, he has denied rumours that he is gay on anumber of occasions. Also, if you read his various interviews, herefers to having dated women and having girlfriends... us readersshould infer that he is indeed straight becaus (MORE)

What prison is Jesse James Hollywood in?

jesse james hollywood is in ironwood state prison- california. his address is; jesse hollywood cdcr# AC4442 ironwood state prison p.o. box 2199 BLYTHE CA 92226

Where was Jesse James Born?

Jesse (Woodson) James, bandit son of a Baptist minister, was born near Centraville (now Kearney), Missouri, on Sept. 5, 1847. He was famously shot to death by one of his gang members, Robert Ford, on 3 April 1882.

What is Jesse James' profession?

He is an American and CEO of West Coast Choppers , a manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles , and the host of Motorcycle Mania and the former series Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel . His paternal great-great-grandfather was a cousin of Jesse James , the legendary American ou (MORE)

Who was Jesse James?

Jesse Woodson James (September 5, 1847 - April 3, 1882) was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank and train robber, and murderer from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang. Additionally famous for conducting the first day-light bank robbery in Liberty, Missouri. (MORE)

Where is Jesse James Hollywood's child?

Jesse James Hollywood is serving life in prison for murder. Hischild, John Paul Hollywood-Reis, is an estimated 9 years old. Thechild lives with his mother.

How tall is Jesse James?

According to reputable sources, motorcycle enthusiast Jesse G. James (born April 19, 1969) is just under 6 ft 1 inch in height (6' ¾" or about 185 cm). he is not under 6' 1" . he's 6'2" 240 lbs . you can tell by looking at him, well over 6 ft.

Where did Jesse James die?

Jesse was killed in his home on Lafayette Street in St. Joseph, Missouri. The home has since been moved and is a museum.

What did Jesse James do?

he was a robber who robbed trains,robbed banks,and shot a whole lot of people and in 1882 a missouri man by the name of robert ford shot jesse while trying to straigten a picture to get the $25000. Jesse James Was a Train and Bank Robber.

Is Jess of The Veronicas gay?

yes Jessica Origliasso and Lisa Origliasso are bisexual. Jessica (Jess) is more into guys then her sister Lisa who is more into girls.

Why is Jess Heal gay?

Because she loves Hannah chant so much she wants her in bed (: no she wants Frances in her bed :D

Did Jesse James have children?

Jesse and his cousin Zerelda 'Zee' Mimms married on April 24, 1874, and had two children who survived to adulthood: Jesse James, Jr. (b. 1875) and Mary Susan James (b. 1879). Twins Gould and Montgomery James (b. 1878) died in infancy. His surviving son, Jesse, Jr., became a lawyer and spent his care (MORE)

Why Jesse James was shot?

For the most part, Jesse James was shot for the reward money and the noteriety. Governor Crittenden has been negotiating with the Ford brothers to capture and bring in Jesse. Bob Ford, the younger brother, opted to shoot Jesse twice in the back of the head while he was adjusting a tilted picture at (MORE)

Where did Jesse James get shot?

Twice in the back of the head while standing on a chair adjusting a picture in his house at 1318 Lafayette in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Why was Jesse James famous?

He was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank and train robber and murderer from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang. Already a celebrity when he was alive, he became a legendary figure of the Wild West after his death. Some recent scholars place him in the cont (MORE)

Did Jesse James have issues?

Haha, good one. I think all outlaws have problems, as if that's why they do the crimes. You know I'm related to Jesse James? =D

Did Jesse James really get assassinated?

Although there is controversy over his shooting, it is generally agreed that Jesse James was killed with gunshot to the back. Whether or not this rises to the level of an "assassination," or not, is up to you.

Is Jesse James in the Hells Angels?

Jesse James does not appear to be a 1%er it looks like he is in a support club which is still an outlaw motorcycle club not to be taken lightly. The support clubs are no joke and affiliated with One percent club. PLus there is nothing wrong with outlaw motocycle clubs they are just men that are frie (MORE)

Where are Jesse James' guns?

The last known owner of Jesse James' guns was a man named Bob Bidwell. Mr. Bidwell received the guns after a will dispute where the guns and the spurs were separated. My family currently is in possession of the spurs. Mr. Bidwell on the other hand got the guns. Apparently the gun was described to me (MORE)

Is Jesse G James related to the outlaw Jesse James?

I believe that Jesse Woodson James is worthy of having a biography written about him because he was one of the most notorious outlaw bank robbers in his time. He even was the most wanted man alive in Missouri, and almost wanted trough out the entire United States by the time he was twenty-nine years (MORE)

How many kids did Jesse James have?

He actually had FOUR children all together, two of which was a set of twins which died shortly after birth. Wikipedia needs to fix their answer also. Sad he was such an important part of history, and so many people don't recognize his two children who died.

Was Jesse James union or confederate?

Well we're taught that he was a confederate, but a show on the history channel found substantial evidence which leads me to believe he be have been working for the union.

Does Jesse G James smoke?

i know for fact that jess G smokes the crack hits the pipe and get in bar fights wake up in the bathroom of the subway when he was young his peers called him ugly so Jesse G also smoke dopes that what he did when he was broke so in the case that your answere may not be quite what you liked ill be su (MORE)

How tall was Jesse James the outlaw?

he was 5'8. watch the movie "The Assassination of Jesse James: by the Coward Robert Ford" they mention his height several times and im sure the director and producer of the movie did their research on Jesse James before making the film

Are Jesse James and Jesse vernon related?

no they are not related sorry. Jesse James grew up in Missouri. he is in my family tree. Jesse vernon grew up in Texas and later moved to Missouri. mabey friends but not related

How long did Jesse James live?

Born Jesse Woodson James September 5, 1847 Clay County, Missouri, USA Died April 3, 1882 aged 34 St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

Did Jesse James fake his death?

Yes, he did, he tried to fake his death before 1882. He died in Kansas in 1938 under the name of Jerry Miah James. Do not believe the fantastic lie promulgated by Betty Duke Dorsett and her unsupported claim of James L. Courtney being Jesse Woodson James.

What gun did Jesse James carry?

i believe he carried at first a 1851 colt navy. then switched to the colt peacemaker. He also like to carry the Henry repeating rifle.

What are facts about Jesse James?

Jesse James was born on September 5, 1847. He died on April 3, 1882. He was born in Centerville Missouri. His parents were Robert James and Zerelda James. He had 2 siblings, Frank, who was a gangster with him, and Susan James. He married his cousin Zerelda or Zee. What a coincidence his moms name wa (MORE)

How many kids does Jesse James have?

Jesse James has three children...Jesse James Jr. (born 1999),Chandler James (born 1997), and Sunny James (born 2004). Jesse Jr. and Chandler were born to Karla James and Sunny's mother is Janine Lindemulder. Side note: James and wife Sandra Bullock did adopt a son in December 2009 but are currently (MORE)

Is Jesse James Still Alive?

Jesse Woodson James died in 1882. They exhumed his body a few years ago. It was proven beyond the shadow of a doubt it was him. A missing fingertip, wounds(civil war) and DNA. Jesse James was exumed in 1995 but the findings were found to be incomplete due to the condition of the remains they were to (MORE)

What did Jesse James and Frank James do with their money?

According to the book "Hoecakes, Hambone, and All That Jazz - African American Traditions in Missouri" by Rose M. Nolen (pg 68), Jesse James gave some of his money to the establishment of Lincoln Institute. Today Lincoln Institute is known as Lincoln University, a historically Black University, loca (MORE)

What is Jesse James' favorite weapon?

Jesse's weapon of choice was a matched set of Smith & Wesson, Single Action, Model 3 Revolvers, in .44 Caliber. One of these guns, believed to have been owned by Jesse is in the Schwend Gun Collection (see the link below). Jesse's older brother Frank preferred a set of Colt Model 1860 Army Percussi (MORE)

Is Jesse maccarnty gay?

Jesse is not gay bec ause : . he has a girlfriend . he talks really deep . and he has never used to many hair products .

Was the original Jesse James an actor?

By "original", I'm assuming you mean Jesse Woodson James from Kearney, MO. No, he was not an actor. He was a Confederate guerilla fighter and then a bank/train robber. He doesn't seem to have ever held a "legitimate" job. Robert Ford, who shot Jesse James, did become an "actor" of sorts: he ap (MORE)

What was Jesse James most famous for?

Jesse James was the most notorious member of the James-Younger Gang. James is also known for robbing banks, stagecoaches, trains and committing many homicides.