Was sind die hobbies von Sherlock Holmes?

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How did Sherlock Holmes die?

Arthur Conan Doyle decided to "kill off" his character SherlockHolmes once upon a time. So he created a nemesis for Holmes,Professor Moriarty. The two battle each other for mo

What date did Sherlock Holmes die?

To answer your question, the date generally accepted by scholars as the date that Holmes supposedly plunged into the Reichenbach Falls is: Monday, 4th May 1891. His death o

Where did Sherlock Holmes die?

He originally died at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland during a fight with his arch-enemy Moriarty. However Conan Doyle had to pretend that Holmes had not actually died a

When did Sherlock Holmes die?

He didn't die - in fact he never even lived! He was a fictional character invented by Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle, the author of the detective novels featuring Holmes. He didn't

What were Sherlock Holmes' hobbies?

Sherlock Holmes has quite a few interests apart from the obvious mystery solving. He plays the violin, he enjoys smoking a pipe (and has a compendious knowledge of different t

Did Sherlock Holmes die?

Once, at Reichenbach Falls, at the hand of professor Moriarty, inthe book, "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", "The Adventure of theFinal Problem". This upset Conan Doyle's read

Sherlock Holmes hobby?

Sherlock loved to solve interesting cases, to make chemistry experiments and to play the violin. He did make money out of solving cases.

What were some of Sherlock Holmes' hobbies?

Sherlock Holmes was a skilled violinist and was learned in the Oriental defense art of baritsu, which is actually a fictional martial art but related to judo, I believe. He wa

In what book did Sherlock Holmes die?

"The final Problem" was the name of the book in which Sherlock Holmes was written to die, however, readers insisted he be brought back, and to great surprise he was!

At what hobby is Sherlock Holmes addicted?

Sherlock Holmes enjoys fencing, talented at fencing but most of all, he loves the violin as well as music itself and to test out new chemical experiments. According to him, hi