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Was the telephone a success on the first try?

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What was the first telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1876. Other  people had designed telephone systems before, but did not have  working prototypes or patents.

What did the first telephone do?

The first telephone is used as what is the use of today.     But today's telephone are more and more useful because for example, you can connect a local virtual number

Where was the first Telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell conceived of (invented) the telephone at his summer home in Brantford, Ontario in the summer of 1876, and then later physically created his first telepho

How much was the first telephone invented?

The first telephone like much of first working models, was not for sell to the public. Although, I understand that you want the price for the first Telephones sold. In which i

Why was the invention of telephones a success?

Because it reduced the time for communication. Until the invention of the telephone, the majority of communication was by letter - which often took weeks to arrive. The teleph