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Was the telephone a success on the first try?

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Who was the first person to talk on the telephone?

It was Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. He telephoned his assistant, Thomas Watson, who was in an adjoining room, and said "Mr. Watson, come here, I want

Who first used the telephone?

alaxendar graham bell    Answer Yes, it is Alexander Bell on March 10, 1876. "Mr Watson-Come here-I want to see you" - is the first voice transmission he made.

Which came first the elevator the telephone?

The concept of the elevator has been in existence for thousands of years. The major patents were issued in 1850's, before the telephone or the radio.

How did the first telephone work?

Knowing the sound give off waves, like ripples in the water, theytravel into the mouth piece there the sound waves are copied by thetransmitter behind the transmitter are carb

What did the first telephone do?

The first telephone is used as what is the use of today.     But today's telephone are more and more useful because for example, you can connect a local virtual number

What are cons on the first telephone?

early phones required liquid cell batteries which could spill and cause corrosion.early phones required an operator to connect you and the person you called.early phones were

Was the telephone or the computer created first?

Some of the earliest computers built in the 1940s used electronic  circuits and components originally developed for use in telephone  automatic dialing exchanges and long di