Was unemployment compensation always taken out of paychecks?

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Unemployment compensation is not taken out of paychecks of the workers. The business pays a payroll tax to the state who uses part of the the proceeds to pay unemployment benefits.
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Can you get an extension for unemployment compensation in Florida?

Update: Dec. 12, 2010: You can go to the Related Link below for more info. The answer is YES. President Bush passed the bill on June 30,2008. It goes into effect as of July 6

Where does unemployment compensation money come from?

Benefits are paid by the state from a special fund. The fund gets its money from employers, who pay a tax specifically for this program. The funding mechanism is very differen

What is unemployment compensation?

The money you receive if you are granted unemployment. Usually a certain percentage of what you made prior.

Is unemployment compensation taxed?

Yes, its either taxed A) upfront each week by taking 10% off what your weekly amount would be ie: Your weekly amount is $400.00, you would only get $360.00 after taxes; or B)

How is unemployment compensation funded?

Every state assesses the employer through payroll deductions. The states vary in method and calculation, but in all cases, there is no deduction from employee's paychecks.

What can be taken out of a paycheck?

Anything you want and the payroll provider agrees to have taken out.. In regards too "must be taken out"....the list is endless and depends on circumstances - but obviously -

Can you get an extension for unemployment compensation in Georgia?

if you qualify your unemployment extends into the EUC, emergency unemployment compensation. obama just signed the extension in dec 2010 that extends benefits until dec 2011. i