Water pipes some times burst during severe wintres in cold countries?

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water expands on freezing
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How do you fix a leaking cold water pipe to the bathtub?

Answer . \nWell you will have to determine why it is leaking. \nIt is just a loose fitting? try tightening it up with a wrench\nIs there a crack? Is the pipe white PVC (plastic) or copper or even gray metal?\nIf it is any of these you will need to cut it out and replace that section.\nYou might w (MORE)

Will homeowner's insurance cover the water damage from a burst pipe if you have renters in the house?

Answer . Yes, but only for the dwelling, not for your renter's belongings. be sure to notify your insurance company that you have renters, your rate will go down because they're not insuring your belongings...and be sure to tell your renters about renters insurance.. Answer . It should. Re (MORE)

Why do water pipes sometimes burst in winters?

When water freezes it expands, as opposed to practically all other liquids. (For this reason ice fortunately forms on the TOP of ponds and lakes.) The expansion causes pressure to build up that could eventually burst the pipe. However, most water pipes burst because, as the ice builds up in the dire (MORE)

Do hot water pipes freeze faster than cold water pipes?

Absolutely NOT the reason many people think so is if one thinks about it we use a lot more cold water then hot flushing a toilet for an example. . Also the cold water piping is usually larger piping diameter thus it takes longer to freeze then the smaller hot water pipes . Why is the second pa (MORE)

Why do frozen water pipes tend to burst?

WHY PIPES BURST Surprisingly, ice forming in a pipe does not typically cause a break where the ice blockage occurs. It's not the radial expansion of ice against the wall of the pipe that causes the break. Instead, following a complete ice blockage in a pipe, continued freezing and expansion ins (MORE)

Which pipe is suitable for supplying water in cold countries?

Generally the same materials are used for pipes in moderately cold contries, they are just buried deaper in the ground so that they are below the surface layer that freezes.. In really extreme situations insulation can be used but this only works if the water flows all the time. Any pipe will freez (MORE)

How can you ground an ungrounded electrical outlet to a cold water pipe?

It is true that a cold water pipe will work as a ground but it should not be trusted. If the wiring in a house is older then the introduction of electrical grounding I would have to recommend the instillation of new grounded wiring.. Grounding using the plumbing system, past where the cold water pi (MORE)

Why do water pipes burst in the winter?

Ice forms in the pipes. When water freezes it expands a little bit! In water pipes it sometimes expands just enough to split the pipe. The reason why water pipes sometimes burst in winter is because water pipes are full of water and in the winter the air is very cold, sometimes in the UK even 2 o (MORE)

Fix a burst copper pipe?

Cut out bad section- cleax flux couplings and piping and resolder using lead free AWWA /ASSE approved alloy

Why are cold water pipes insulated?

To protect them from frost damage. In cold weather, 'standing' water in cold pipes can freeze if the temperature drops low enough. When water turns to ice, it expands - which could cause the pipe to burst. However - you wouldn't know if it had burst until the ice had thawed !

Why do your cold water pipes knock?

Metals contract when it cools and expands when it heats up. If your pipes are sitting nice and cosy at ambient temperature running the cold water will make them shrink a little, maybe enough to make them strain and(knock) against where they are clamped to the house.

Is condominium association ever responsible for interior water damage due to burst pipes?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look there to find the boundary between an owner's property and the common property. This boundary can be, the 'skin', the paint, the plasterboard, the studs and so forth: there is no standard boundary nationwide. Each state may define th (MORE)

What do you do if your pipe bursts?

Turn off the water at the main water valve. For safety, you mayalso need to shut off electricity to the affected area. . Call a plumber to replace the burst pipe section. . If there is water damage, especially to walls, floors, cabinetsunder the sink or carpets, call a water damage restorationprov (MORE)

How do you know if a frozen pipe bursts?

If you close all water shutoffs or all water faucets and the water flow indicator on your water meter is moving, then you might have a burst pipe. Also, if your pipes are frozen, no water is coming out of any faucets, and your water flow indicator on your water meter is moving, then you probably hav (MORE)

Who would be responsible for repair of a pipe that froze and burst if the renter did not leave the faucets dripping and the water line froze then burst the landlord or renter?

Usually a lease will state something to the effect that a tenant is responsible for leaving faucets dripping when the temperature drops below a specific amount. I know that my lease does. It would then state that failure to do so may result in burst pipes, and that the tenant is thereby responsible. (MORE)

Can copper water pipes burst when frozen?

Yes, copper pipes can burst when the water inside them freeze. This is because, when the water freezes, it expands with a considerable amount of force, against the pipe, bursting it.

Which would corrode more quickly a pipe with hot water or a pipe with cold water?

the pipe with the hot water will.] The piping with cold water as many hydronic systems are over 100 years old and the piping looks as new as the day it was installed As long as thermo stress and velocity are taken into consideration hot water lines can last longer then their cold countter par (MORE)

Who is responsible for damage when a concealed inside water pipe bursts?

Why did the pipe burst? If the tenant caused it, he is responsible for the damage and the repair of the pipe. If it just happened or the landlord could have prevented it, the landlord is responsible for the pipe and structural damage. I do not believe he is responsible for personal items lost or dam (MORE)

Can the rear washer water pipe burst inside the car?

yes it happened to Kevin bacon. flooded out his whole back seat. a girl drowned!!!! for real. no joke Answer: I had to pull myself off the floor after reading this answer....OMG! It is extremely unlikely that the washer tube would burst however, if you are in very cold weather and have only wat (MORE)

Why do pipes burst when the ice melts?

When water turns to ice it expands, so anything that gets destroyed happens then. But if the pipe is frozen solid, there isn't anything to show what's happened - as the ice can't make it through the crack anyhow. The ice will act as a plug, blocking the crack/hole. It's first when the ice turns back (MORE)

Why does pipes burst when the water freezes?

Because ice (solid water) has a higher volume than liquid water. As water freezes the molecules stick together with hydrogen bonds but with large gaps in between thus the volume increases and expands

How do you wrap your pipes outside during cold weather?

For thermal insulation , you are mostly buying still air. Many propriety pipe wraps have adequate functionality. For outdoors use, a waterproof exterior is also important. It is also important to have it fastened in a way that is not damaged by sunshine, etc.

Should you turn the main water source off during a freeze to avoid a bursting pipe?

Yes but also remember to drain the pipework too if possible by opening taps at the lowest part of the plumbing system if there is no drain . Where the system uses a header tank for the hot water then that should be drained also by opening hot taps. Make sure any immersion heaters are turned off espe (MORE)

Why do water pipes burst during earthquakes?

Water pipes tend to fracture or crack when an earthquake occurs rather than burst (something bursts when the pressure applied to it's internal surface gets to large and exceeds the strength of the material is is formed from - a bit like if you force to much air into a balloon). Pipes tend to frac (MORE)

How do you decommission a cold water pipe?

Turn off at curb stop to decommission whole house or building. Inside of house or building, turn off valve at main water supply at meter and cut and cap cold water line to be decommissioned.

What is the minimum depth a cold water pipe can be installed underground?

Piping systems are prevalent throughout our everyday world. Most of us think of piping systems as underground structures used to convey liquids of one sort or another. To the novice, the concept of pipeline installation underground sounds relatively straight forward: a) dig a trench, b) lay the pipe (MORE)