Water pipes some times burst during severe wintres in cold countries?

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water expands on freezing
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Why do water pipes sometimes burst in winters?

When water freezes it expands, as opposed to practically all other liquids. (For this reason ice fortunately forms on the TOP of ponds and lakes.) The expansion causes pressur

Which pipe is suitable for supplying water in cold countries?

Generally the same materials are used for pipes in moderately cold contries, they are just buried deaper in the ground so that they are below the surface layer that freezes..

Why do water pipes burst in the winter?

Ice forms in the pipes. When water freezes it expands a little bit! In water pipes it sometimes expands just enough to split the pipe. The reason why water pipes sometimes

Why does pipes burst when the water freezes?

Because ice (solid water) has a higher volume than liquid water. As water freezes the molecules stick together with hydrogen bonds but with large gaps in between thus the vo

Why do water pipes burst during earthquakes?

Water pipes tend to fracture or crack when an earthquake occurs rather than burst (something bursts when the pressure applied to it's internal surface gets to large and exceed
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Why do mettal water pipes burst in winter?

Water in the pipes turn to ice and it will expand till it breaks. Always let your pipes run a little water at all times when it is cold.
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Why do water pipes sometimes burst during the winter?

The water inside uninsulated pipes may freeze and expand during acold winter, pushing opening joints or splitting the pipes, oftenunnoticed. When the thaw comes, the ice in th