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Bonded leathers are produced from scarp/trmmings, dust particle of natural leather. Because it produced from the trimmings and dust(shaving dust, ie. leather need to shave to get proper thickness) it need some cementing substances. These cementing substances are mainly various polymers and resins as well some other property enhancing chemicals such as silicones, rubbers, softeners, and colorants.
During finishing or coating process for esthetics and appearance these are coated with pigments and other auxiliaries such as urethanes, resins, silicones. Some articles also use transfer film with adhesives.
Natural leather is from outer coverings of animals( hides/Skins), it has natural grain structure. During processing it use tanning materials (inorganic or Organic), softening agents (Natural Oils, Synthetic oils, waxes, silicone etc), colorants,
During finishing it can be kept natural or pigmented finished, as well as transfer film.
Now to answer your question, system has been developed to bring the bonded leather feeling and some properties to match the Natural Leather.
Natural leather remain better in wearability, as natural has better breatability, and softness, streachability, etc.
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