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Welche Staatsform hat Deutschland?

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Deutschland ist eine parlamentarische Bundesrepublik
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Where is Bundesrepublik Deutschland?

In central Europe. If instead the question is WHAT, then Germany is made up of 16 different States or "Provinces" (Bundeslaender), which together (or united) form the Republic

Which country is deutschland?

Deutschland translates as Germany

What does bundesrepublik deutschland mean?

Deutschland is the name of Germany in German. And Bundesrepublik means a republic consisting of several Bundesländer (singular Bundesland), kind of states. die Bundesrepubli

What is a hat?

Something that you wear on your head for protection or fashion  purposes.

Which country is called Deutschland?

Deutschland is German for Germany. Germany has many different names in different languages. For example, in the languages which border Germany: - Czech: Německo - Danis