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Welche deustche Woerter beginnen mit M?

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The German language is made up of hundreds of thousands of words, so words starting with "M" are to numerous to mention.Perhaps it would be worth while, to get a dictionary. They`re available free online or right here on Wiki Answers. Now, if you are the same person,who keeps asking for German words starting with every letter imaginable in the alphabet,it might be even more fruitful to get said dictionary or return to this site with perhaps more specific questions. I do have the feeling you are interested in learning German.Therefore please,try to remember,this is a site for more or less serious questions, so please try to have one. There are many people who are striving to help you out and better your German,so don`t be shy in asking anything you want. It just should be somewhat realistic.In hope this is coming across the right way,your future contributors are kindly thanking you for your understanding and future questions. Keep digging and learning and don`t forget to have fun while doing so.
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