What is a den?

The noun 'den' is a word for: . a wild animal's lair or habitation; . a secret place where people meet to do illegal things; . an informal room in a home used for relaxa (MORE)

What is in a den?

T.v.,video games,board games,ext.(family den). Another den is one where you go to retreat from an animal in that case you would have food supplies,and a first aid. ext.

Are ven and Sora related?

Yes because when Ven defeated Vanitas, Vanitas and Ventus died but Ven's heart was found by Sora and Ven asked him if he could be his heart for a while and Sora said yes and t (MORE)

Are Ven and Roxas the same person?

NO SPOILERS* Ventus (Ven) is a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, which takes place about 10 years before Roxas came into being, therefore, Roxas and Ven could n (MORE)

Does ven love aqua?

Oh, I'm sure he does. Because think, if you pay attention to when Ventus watches the meteor shower and falls asleep, doesn't how Aqua frightens him seem familiar? If Ventus an (MORE)

Why is Roxas and ven look alike?

The only Reason Ven looks like Roxas is because, Ven Is another part of Sora meaning like another half like Roxas at the ending Sore absorbed ven making him inside him and the (MORE)

Welche beiden Polarforscher erreichten als erste den Südpol?

Welche beiden Polarforscher erreichten als erste den Südpol? translates as which two polar explorerers were the first to reach the South Pole? The first explorer to (MORE)

What rhymes with ven?

There are several words that rhyme with ven. Here are some of them: Ben den fen hen ken men pen ten then Venn wren yen zen