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In French there are TWO ways of saying WELCOME. The first way is to accept somebody which is 'BONJOUR!' The other way you say after someone told you thanks which is 'DE RIEN'.
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How do you write you're welcome in French?

"you are welcome" (standard reply to someone saying "thank you") is translated in French (not the Google automatic translation) as "de rien" or "je vous en prie". Both ways ar

How do you say you're welcome in French?

De rien (pronounced dah ree-EHN), meaning "It's nothing."    "Merci beaucoup" is French for 'thank you very much'.  "Merci" is 'thank you'. French people usually answe

What is French for you are welcome?

If "you are welcome" in the question means that someone greets you at the door, indicating that your presence is agreeagle to him/her, then "tu es le bienvenu" is correct (but

What is welcome in French?

I would use the French word 'Bienvenue' to mean welcome. Bonjour means 'good day' Bonjour actually means hello! <3 :)   bienvenue

How do you spell your welcome in french?

votre bienvenue Edit: But "your welcome" is an expression that is not literally translated into French. If you look down at the alternatives the answer "De rien" is given ins