Were Does Hair Come From?

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From the hair follicle.
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Where do lice come from and how do they get in your hair?

They live in peoples hair and feed on blood from the scalp and laying their eggs at the hair roots. They spread from person to person when peoples heads touch or you place your head were someone who has lice recently had their head. Lice like nice clean hair to live in! There are treatments tha (MORE)

Does your hair come out when you are pregnant?

I dont think so mine didnt. Unfortunately about one third of women do find their hair thins when they are pregnant, for about one third it gets thicker (and may fall out after they have the baby) and for about one third there is no change.

Where did the phrase hair of the dog come from?

The full phrase is 'the hair of the dog that bit you' and meansthat the thing that caused an ailment can cure it too. The phraseoriginally comes from the ancient idea that the burnt hair of a dogis the antidote to the bite of a dog.

Where does the hair for hair extensions come from?

they come from .... countries eg india where women grow their hair really long and they shave it all off because it shows they are devoted to god! sooo really you are wearing some poor woman hair! OR some are made of synthetic fibers, and animals

Where does the hair come from in a hair transplant?

In hair transplant, the hair come from the back and sides of thehead. These hairs are used due to the hair fall resistance. FUE isthe modern method of removing hair grafts. Some clinics do not doFUE for all clients as they exclude people based on ease ofextraction of grafts. Other clinics specialise (MORE)

Where does ginger hair come from?

for hair to be ginger. each parent needs to have a ginger gene but they don't both have to be ginger. i'm ginger and my dad is a brunnette and my mum is blonde

How come britney shaved her hair?

Because that time and that day that she shaved her head was a really hard time for her, she was really dipressed and heart broken, she did'nt know what to do i guess she was bored and did those stuff, but for all her fans all over the world she has made a song for all of you guys the song called som (MORE)

From which parent does the hair gene come?

Genes come from both parents and are molded together to make a unique person. To make a long answer short, the color of your hair doesn't "come from" one parent or the other; there is a fifty-fifty chance that you have the same color hair as your mother or your father. In fact, the odds might be (MORE)

Where does lice come from and how does it get in your hair?

A person or child does not contract lice because they are dirty like some people think. Lice are very contageous though, you catch them by using someones brush, comb, towel, anything that might touch to your head that belonged to that person. Lice are comon in children because as we all know kids la (MORE)

Where does human hair extensions come from?

A horse!!! How mean!! BUT very pretty hope to see you wearing them!!!. Actually extensions can be from humans. They are even graded in accordance to where they come from for example western Caucasian is the best quality hair you can buy. It's the softest. People sell their hair and also some female (MORE)

Where did hair styles come from?

Some people reckon it started in Eygpt. Noblemen and women clipped their hair close to the head but for ceremonial occasions heavy, curly black wigs were worn. Women's wigs were often long and braided, adorned with gold ornaments or ivory hairpins.

Does your hair color come out?

if you dye it that color than it will fade but still stay and you will get differtent color roots, however if its natural than it stays and may gey lighter and darker due to the sun. also if you dye it a lot your roots will get a dirty brownish color

Why is your cat's hair coming off?

This means your cat is shedding . This is very normal, and if you aren't familiar with cats or other furry animals, this may seem abnormal to you. Cats shed their hair to grow in a new coat, and usually sheds in the springtime for warmer weather. If you want to reduce the amount of cat hair on (MORE)

Does food coloring come out of hair?

Yes.. no. food coloring comes from bleach dyed different colors. its like a color wheel in art. you mix colors to find new ones.. in other words, FOOD COLORING IS FAKE.

Where does natural hair extensions come from?

From people in Foreign countries with long hair i think its Indians or Muslims or something but i have some and they best thing i ever bought EXCEPT MY BOOBS GOOD LUCK IF YA GET SOME XX

What causes hair to come out while combing hair?

it could be that your hair is unstable or damaged or you just have naturally loose hair Not a great answer. You should use a quality comb and be gentle combing through. A good conditioner should be used for ease of combing. Hair loss also is normal, if it seems to be too much you might want to see (MORE)

Does greasy hair come from obesity?

Yes if we dont take care of our bodies roots will you start to fill up of old oils from our bodies and the ones you put in your hair like hair spray. Also we have oil glandsin our bodies that prduce oils and you have them in your hair do yeah we need to wash our hair every other day.

Does methadone come out in hair test?

Yes, but methadone does not show up in a basic opiate test that is part of the standard drug test. A Methadone specific test must be performed to detect Methadone. This test is not uncommon and cost allot

Does RA cause your hair to come out?

I Have had problems with RA for most of my Life especially my adult life and have had no problems at all with hair loss. As a matter of fact I have a very good head of hair still at age 62. There is a side effect to one of the treatments, used with RA, "Methatrexate" that is said to cause hair loss. (MORE)

Where does the saying hair of the dog come from?

The full saying is more like "the hair of the dog that bit you". Weirdly enough, it was originally meant to be taken literally. Placing the fur of the dog that bit you on the wound was considered to be a cure for rabies. The saying can be traced back to a Latin saying, similia similibus curentur , m (MORE)

Where do people with red hair come from?

The origin of red hair can be traced back to central and NorthernEurope. There has been considerable discussion on whether itoriginated with the Celtic or Germanic people, and equal evidencefor both. The ancient Romans referred to the Germanic peoples ashaving red hair, while the ancient Greeks said (MORE)

Why is my hair coming out after i redread my hair?

Well if your hair is coming out after redieing you must be dyring it to much or didn't wait the full lenght of time. I recommend using a beer and berry shampoo wash your hair in this for about one or two weeks and it should get thicker and healther.

Are hair extensions come from pubic hair?

No. Hair extensions can be made from several things such as real human hair, synthetic hair, animal hair....but never pubic hair. That would be very unsanitary and besides, pubic hair is too short.

Does puss come out of an ingrown hair?

yes it does. apply hot water on a rag, swab it with alcohol, n if it gets dry use lotion and eventually it will come to a head so you should squeeze it. then it will become red. repeat until it goes away

Why in girls face hair is not come?

Because it is testosterone that makes facial hair grow in men and although women do have testosterone it is at a much lower level than in men that is why women do not have facial hair.

Why does dog's hair come off?

Dogs grow more hair in the winter to keep themselves warm and then shed it to keep cooler during the summer time much like we change clothes for the seasons.

Why is your splat hair dye coming out?

Splat hair color is not a permanent color it is a semi permanent color over bleached out hair, once the melanin (color) is removed from the hair the hair is very porous meaning it absorbs like a sponge and the cuticle of the hair is open so once you have put a semi permanent over it which just depos (MORE)

Does cool aid come out of your hair?

Kool Aid does indeed come out of a person's hair. Kool Aid is used to dye hair wild colors that may not be found in stores, but it is not a permanent hair dye.

How dandruff come in your hair?

Dandruff is flakes of dry scalp. There are a number of causes fordry scalp, and one of the most common reasons for dry scalp anddandruff is cold, dry weather.