Were Sweden and Germany occupied by Germany?

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Sweden remained neutral, but a supporter of Germany during WW2. Sweden was not attacked or occupied by Germany.
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Why did Germany allow Sweden to remain neutral and not occupy it as it did it Denmark?

Because they had been helping Germany: helped with the designs of panzers, had trained some of their officers, supplied them with raw materials. Answer Norway had a strateg

Were Denmark Sweden Norway Finland or Poland occupied by Germany in World War 2?

Germany occupied Denmark, Norway and Poland. Although neutral, German troops were allowed across Sweden to Norway in the period after the invasion. Finland was a German ally f

Was Germany occupied?

Germany was occupied by the USA, Great Britain, France and Russia yes yes it was

Was Sweden occupied by Germany in WW2?

No, Sweden took a neutral stand during the Second World War, so Germany did not invade them. PS: Just in case you aren't sure, a neutral stand is when a country neither goe

Did Germany occupy Sweden?

No, Sweden was never involved in WW2, other than they let the natziz pas over the country from Norway to Finland.

Did Nazi Germany occupy Sweden in World War 2?

No, Sweden remained 'neutral' during the Second World War. I disagree with this, because even though they didn't fight alongside the Nazis, they still funded the Third Reich.
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Did Sweden occupied by Germany?

No. Sweden was technically neutral during the war, but did do things to help Germany. Sweden has a lot of iron mines, so they sold this metal to the Germans (and Germany used
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Is Germany Sweden?

Sweden is a different country, in a different place. Take a look ata map.