Were Sweden and Germany occupied by Germany?

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Sweden remained neutral, but a supporter of Germany during WW2. Sweden was not attacked or occupied by Germany.
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Why did Germany allow Sweden to remain neutral and not occupy it as it did it Denmark?

Because they had been helping Germany: helped with the designs of panzers, had trained some of their officers, supplied them with raw materials. Answer Norway had a strategic importance to Germany so they used Denmark as a staging ground for the invasion of Norway, Sweden wasnt of any importance (MORE)

Were Denmark Sweden Norway Finland or Poland occupied by Germany in World War 2?

Germany occupied Denmark, Norway and Poland. Although neutral, German troops were allowed across Sweden to Norway in the period after the invasion. Finland was a German ally following the German invasion of Russia in 1941, and German forces were present in Finland on that basis, particularly in the (MORE)

Was Germany occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Who occupied Germany apex= rhineland Yes, Germany was occupied by Germany during World War 2. It was not until after the war that Germany was split into four parts. Britain, France, The United States, and the Soviet Union each got a piece of Germany.

Was Germany occupied by Germany in World War 2?

yes Are you sure? Maybe cause the Nazi Soldiers back than... . +++ The National Socialists (Nazi is an abbreviation of the Germanversion of the name) were German so they cannot be said to have"occupied" Germany. They did however rule their own country as aruthless dictatorship.

When did germany occupy Norway?

The occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany started with the German invasion of Norway on April 9, 1940 and lasted through May 8, 1945 .

Which countries out of Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Poland and Germany were occupied during world war 2?

It is an absurd to think that Germany was occupied unless it was a self occupation kind od happening. Any way, in 1938 Germany joined austria by Anschluss to it's 3rd Reich and begin in 1939 it's occupation by taking over Poland (after only 2 weeks of fightings). in acording to the riventrop-molotov (MORE)

Was Sweden occupied by Germany in WW2?

No, Sweden took a neutral stand during the Second World War, so Germany did not invade them. PS: Just in case you aren't sure, a neutral stand is when a country neither goes to war or picks sides during a conflict.

Did Germany occupie Finland?

No, Germany did not occupy Finland. Finland and Germany were brothers in arms during WW2. When Finland was forced to resign to the Soviet Union, one of the demands were that the Finns should throw out the remaining German troops in Finland. The Germans slowly retreated back to Norway in what is call (MORE)

The four powers that divided and occupied Germany?

After World War II was over, the Allied troops occupied Germany anddivided it into four sections, each one controlled by one of thefour powers. The four Allied powers were the USA, the USSR,Britain, and France.

Was Poland occupied by Germany in WW2?

German forces invaded Poland in 1939. This is what brought Great Britain into the war. The British demand that Germany undertake to leave Poland was ignored so Britain declared war on Germany in September of 1939. The German occupation of Poland continued for most of the war that followed.

Is England occupied by Germany?

England's mainland was never occupied by Germany, part of its protectorate of Egypt was though, so was the English Channel Islands were as they weren't defended.

Was Finland occupied by Germany in WII?

No , Finland was occupied by the Soviet Union for much of the war. If anything they were sympathetic to Germany on the grounds of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Did Germany occupy Sweden?

No, Sweden was never involved in WW2, other than they let the natziz pas over the country from Norway to Finland.

What Countries were occupied by Germany in 1941?

Yugoslavia and Greece. Then Germany launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union. . Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France were also occupied as of 1940 and Poland since 1939.

Which of the channel islands did Germany occupy?

Germany occupied Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Alderney. To this day the islands are covered with reinforced concrete German fortifications. The islands remained occupied until after VE day, with Jersey and Guernsey liberated May 8, 1945, but the German garrison on Alderney did not give up until May (MORE)

Why did the US occupy Germany?

Because of the riots, recent overthrough of the Third Riech and lack of food. Also the US was helping to restabalize the economy, like training wheels for Germany. And one more thing, the US did not completely occupy Germany, such as the Russians occupied Berlin until 1961, and the french also major (MORE)

Why did Germany occupy both Denmark and Norway?

The Nazis wanted the mineral ore in their mountain near Narvik, Norway. They also wanted to block the passageway in and out of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. They certainly did not want people escaping from Denmark to Sweden since it is so close to Denmark. They failed at that. The Danes managed (MORE)

Why was Germany occupied by the Allied powers?

Because germany had been defeated in war (twice). The occupation was to insure that Germany would not attempt to regain the ability to make war, and to help preserve the lives of the residents of Germany. The nation had been badly damaged by the war, leaving people without shelter, warmth, food, clo (MORE)

Why was Norway occupied by Germany?

The Germans occupied Norway to secure the flow of iron ore. The Germans were dependent on this iron ore to make steel for their tanks and guns, submarines and artillery shells, all their munitions of war. The iron ore came from mines in the far north of Sweden. From there, it went by train west to t (MORE)

Was Crete Occupied By Germany?

During World War II, the island was the scene of the famous Battle of Crete where, in May 1941, German paratroopers sustained almost 7,000 casualties, meeting fierce resistance from both locals and the British Commonwealth force, commanded by General Sir Bernard Freyberg. After seven days of fighti (MORE)

Did Nazi Germany occupy Sweden in World War 2?

No, Sweden remained 'neutral' during the Second World War. I disagree with this, because even though they didn't fight alongside the Nazis, they still funded the Third Reich. (this is a third response) I disagree with the second response in that it was iron ore that was the by far biggest help. M (MORE)

Why was Sweden not conquered by Germany?

Sweden was a neutral country at the time, and wasn't expected to be aggressive. for this reason Germany went rigt by them, knowing they would be easy to collect later. also, to have invaded a neutral county would have triggered an immediate response from the "league of nations" although that is (MORE)

When did Germany occupy switzrland?

Never. German controlled all of mainland Europe execpt Spain, Portugal, its ally Italy, the Soviet Union and the little democratic dot in the middle of Nazi Germany called Switzerland. It's mountainous borders and strong defensive army make it difficult to invade.

Why didn't Germany occupy all of France?

France has a border which is very close to Britain. Only separated by 32 miles of water. The Germans also feared Britain because by the time Germany did invade France, Britain was the only country still fighting and Britain's spitfire was a breakthrough in RAF technology. America was also in trade w (MORE)

Did Sweden ever support Germany?

Technically yes. Sweden was a neutral country and actually maintained that status throughout the World War. For instance, when Hitler's forces needed to get to Russia, Sweden allowed them to use the Swedish Railways to bring infantry, Howitzers, tanks, anti-aircraft weapons. and other supplies, thro (MORE)

Was Iran occupied by Germany?

No, Imperial Germany did try to take Iran in the First World War, but failed. In the Second World War, the British Empire and the Soviet Union occupied Iran for the oil, there was no Nazi German attempt to take Iran.

How many countries did Germany occupy?

Between 17 (counting the USSR as one and only counting the nations at the time) and 29 (present day sovereign states and Jersey and Guernsey as individual nations) European countries plus 4 North African ones. The following list of countries were directly occupied by German troops and fell under Naz (MORE)

Did Germany occupie Scotland?

No. The only part of the British Isles that was occupied by Germany during the Second World War were the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, etc), which are near France.

Why did Germany not invade Sweden?

Mainly because Sweden was neutral, and had resources that they were willing to sell to Germany- the big thing was iron and steel, which Germany badly needed. Plus, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Sweden (an ancient enemy of Russia's) provided some assistance and even allowed the Germans to us (MORE)

Did Sweden occupied by Germany?

No. Sweden was technically neutral during the war, but did do things to help Germany. Sweden has a lot of iron mines, so they sold this metal to the Germans (and Germany used it to make tanks, planes, ships and so forth). Also, Sweden has a long, bad history with Russia, so when Germany invaded the (MORE)

Did Germany occupy England?

During World War II, Germany did occupy a couple smallBritish-owned islands off the coast of France and built somemilitary and concentration camps there. Otherwise, the country ofGermany has never occupied England. In the 500-600's AD, Germanic people called the Angles and theSaxons invaded England (MORE)