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No. Napoleon said he would not trust Marshal MacDonald within the sound of them. I suggest the above is incorrect and that bagpipes have been used as a (Psychological) weapon of war ! There is also a much repeated myth that they were banned as weapons of war in the aftermath of Culloden. This myth originates from misquoting the judge in the trial of the only identified piper to be executed, James Reid a Jacobite captured at Carlisle. The judge said any person who joined with others "though they did not bear arms, were yet guilty of high treason" but more famously "no regiment ever marched without musical instruments such as trumpets drums and the like....a highland regiment never marched without a piper...and therefore his bagpipe in the eyes of the law was an instrument of war" So he was convicted and executed for treason not for being a piper at York along with 20 other Jacobite's, the rest tried at the same time were transported. The act of Proscription which was enacted after Culloden in 1747 banned the wearing of tartan and the carrying of arms or warlike weapons within the Highlands. The myth changes the quote from "instrument" to "weapon" so it can be included as banned under the act. There is however plenty of evidence of famous pipers, pipe makers and piping schools in existence in the immediate period after the act came into being and continuing for many decades after the act and the battle. The act was repealed in 1782. The other related myth is that the bagpipes are the only musical instrument to be classified by the courts or legislation as a weapon. As you can see they weren't and even if you change the claim to be more accurate as an instrument of war you would have to include "trumpets drums and the like" by the same analogy.
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