Were bagpipes ever used as a weapon in war?

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No. Napoleon said he would not trust Marshal MacDonald within the sound of them. I suggest the above is incorrect and that bagpipes have been used as a (Psychological) weapon of war ! There is also a much repeated myth that they were banned as weapons of war in the aftermath of Culloden. This myth originates from misquoting the judge in the trial of the only identified piper to be executed, James Reid a Jacobite captured at Carlisle. The judge said any person who joined with others "though they did not bear arms, were yet guilty of high treason" but more famously "no regiment ever marched without musical instruments such as trumpets drums and the like....a highland regiment never marched without a piper...and therefore his bagpipe in the eyes of the law was an instrument of war" So he was convicted and executed for treason not for being a piper at York along with 20 other Jacobite's, the rest tried at the same time were transported. The act of Proscription which was enacted after Culloden in 1747 banned the wearing of tartan and the carrying of arms or warlike weapons within the Highlands. The myth changes the quote from "instrument" to "weapon" so it can be included as banned under the act. There is however plenty of evidence of famous pipers, pipe makers and piping schools in existence in the immediate period after the act came into being and continuing for many decades after the act and the battle. The act was repealed in 1782. The other related myth is that the bagpipes are the only musical instrument to be classified by the courts or legislation as a weapon. As you can see they weren't and even if you change the claim to be more accurate as an instrument of war you would have to include "trumpets drums and the like" by the same analogy.
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What weapons were used in World War I?

World War 1 Weapons . Here are answers from FAQ Farmers:. Mustard gas was the most notable weapon employed by the Germans. From what I've read, it had quite a horrific effect on those unfortunate enough to inhale it. When inhaled it immediately caused the lungs to liquefy. Death came quickly but (MORE)

Did anyone ever use pig bladders in bagpipes?

Probably, but the sheep bladder is smaller and does the trick very well. I would expect that since a "bagpipe" was most likely originally an instrument from the middle east historically the choices were a) Goat b) Sheep.... Wild boars becoming Domesticated Pigs came Much later and much further We (MORE)

What were the weapons used in World War I?

The weapons that were used in World War 1 were rifles, machine guns, gas, zeppelin, tank, planes, and torpedoes. Germans: standard German Mauser , knives Britain: Lee-Enfield, knives France: French Lebel & Berthier U.S: Spring Field Rifles, sticky grenades, Bolts Austria-Hungary: Steyr- (MORE)

What weapons were used in the Civil War?

Colt, Remington, S&W revolver, LeMat, Beaumont-Adams, French Naval Pisrol, Springfield, Springfield Muskett, Pattern Enfield, 2-Land Musketoon, Austrian Lorenz Ruifle, Sharps Rifle, Colt revolving rifle, Burnside Carbine, Henry Rifle, Spencer Repeating Rifle, Hall Rifle, 69 Call. Muskett, Kentucky R (MORE)

What weapons were used in the vietman war?

A mixture of Soviet, Chinese, Japanese, French, and American weaponry. Some examples: Pistols: Colt M1911 Tokarev Browning P-35 Hi Power Shotguns: Remington 870 Mossberg 500 Winchester 1100 Winchester 1200 Ithaca M37 Remington Model 12 Submachineguns: M1 Thompson M3 "G (MORE)

What weapons were used in The Revolutionary War?

Soldiers during that time mainly used muskets with bayonetsattached to the end. Some soldiers could afford a single shotrifle. The sailors and Navy would most likely use flintlock pistolsas did pirate Sir Francis Drake. Artillerymen would have the cannons (obviously) and short swords.The Calvary Men (MORE)

What weapons were used in the World War I?

Gas like the tear Clorine and sulfur mustard were used for the first time in war but even other weapons like planes I can mention the Sopwith plane and the fokker DR 1 but I can also mention the machine guns were used a lot Tanks and U-boats were also used

What weapons were used in the Vietnam War?

a few weapons were the u.s m-16,m-14,m-2 frags,m-2 .50 cal mg,ar-15 and m-60 viet cong (vc) ak-47,mosin nagat,ppsh-41,mat-49,81mm mortar,60mm mortors,106mm recoiless rifle Actually, it's called the " mosin naga n t" You spelled it w/o the "n" Allied Tanks-Centurion, Patton, Sheridan, and the (MORE)

Why were the weapons used in the Vietnam War?

During the air war: US aircraft used were: F-100 Supersabre jet fighter, F-101 Voodoo, F-102 Delta Dagger, F-104 Starfighter, F-105 Thunderchief, A-1 Skyraider (propeller driven), A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder (medium attack bomber), A-7 Corsair II, F-4 Phantom, F-8 Crusader, B-57 Canberra Bomber, B-52 (MORE)

Were bagpipes ever played in war?

Bagpipe have been played during war for over 500 years. All Scottish and Irish regiments (in the service of the British army) have had bagpipers as part of the unit.. Those opponents facing Scottish and Irish regiments who have never heard bagpipes before, generally reacted with surprise upon heari (MORE)

What weapons did they use in the Napoleonic War?

The British infantry used the Brown Bess Musket. Some units had the Baker Rifle. Cavalry carried straight swords or sabres. Napoleon thought the rifle too slow to re load. The French & others used lancers as some cavalry, Uhlans in german. Artillery varies in calibre from 3 to 64 pounders, though in (MORE)

What were the weapons used in Vietnam war?

Since the list would run into several pages, we'll just list some highlights. 1. M16 jungle rifle (the M14 US rifle was the standard issue rifle). 2. .45 Colt pistol (last war for it). 3. M551 Sheridan (the aluminum tank). 4. M48 Patton tank (last war of the Patton tank). 5. USS New Jersey (last wa (MORE)

What weapons were used In Balkan War?

A very wide variety of weaponry had accumulated in the former Yugoslavia during this time. It would be quite impractical to make a complete list. The Yugoslav M59 (SKS variant) and M70 (AK variant) were the primary weapons, as well as AKs from other countries. A Yugoslav copy of the MG42 and the PK (MORE)

What weapons were used in the world war?

Common trench raiding weapons . Trench raiding club . Trench knife . Pick axe handle . Hatchet . Brass knuckles . Entrenching tool . Spade . Mace . Fascine knife . Billhook . Knife bayonet

Were crystals ever used in weapons?

Sapphire is used as the "window material" in optical sensor and sighting systems of the type mounted on military surveillance and attack aircraft and armoured vehicles which are capable of low light and thermal imaging. Sapphire is used because it is significantly more abrasion resistant and harder (MORE)

Were bagpipes ever banned in Scotland?

Two answers to this:- 1. There have been modern "bans" based on noise complaints against "buskers" - the most well known in Edinburgh in the Royal Mile (2008) after complaints from residents. The Kirk have had the occasional pop as well for playing ona Sunday! Additionaly outside of Scotland - the (MORE)

What weapons did maori use in war?

Mainly a variety of short blade-shaped one-handed clubs and long blade-shaped two-handed clubs. After European contact muskets were readily adopted and in the New Zealand Wars Maori used muskets, shotguns and tomahawks.

What weapons were used in the war for independence?

none . infact 5h1t guns were used . also they put p155 in warter pistols and shot hem in the eye to infect the oppersion . UR BUZZ . smooth bore muskets with bayonets for unaimed volley fire (capable of firing 2 to 4 shots per minute). . rifles without bayonets for aimed sniper fire (cap (MORE)

Were bagpipes used during world war 1 and World War 2?

WWI Highland troops had pipers and went over the top in kilts. WWII Highlanders wore kilts in parades and ceremonial functions. Pipers had the option of wearing kilts or battle dress. Seamus O'Toole Colonel 42nd Highlanders (Retired)

What weapons are used in war today?

There are a long range of weaponry. Here are some of them. m16 m9 barrette 50.cal m14 desert eagle ak47 m-249 saw M-1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun MP-5 Sub-Machine Gun Hand Grenades FIM-9 Stinger Missile AT4 Anti-Armor Weapon M40A1 Sniper Rifle

What weapons were used in the bosnian war?

To be honest there were a hodge podge of arms used, standard yugo versions of the Ak-47 (M70, M72, M76), Even old WWII and WWI surplus, SKS M59/66, Mauser Variants, Mosin holdovers etc. If it was there it was used.

What weapon was used for war?

A lot of weapons are used such as; - Guns - Bombs - Cannons - Gernades - Swords - Spears - Stones - Sticks Are you talking about every war or just a specific war?

What weapons can't be used in war?

Well, i think you asking this question wrong, it's "Can be",because any weapon call be used in war, gas, bombs, chemicalagents, spies, hell even car bombs, there is no rules in war,except for uniforms, early wars suggested that both sides of thewar have to have uniforms to identify allies and enemie (MORE)

What sort of weapons did they use in the war?

Depends on which war you're referring to. It could be anything from swords and longbows, used in medieval times, to modern assault rifles, machine guns, anti-tank weapons, armoured vehicles, aircraft, etc. used in 20th/21st Century warfare.

What weapons are being used in the war?

There are several ongoing wars worldwide. You would need to be a bit more specific about which one you had in mind, and you may want to limit the scope of which weapons you have in mind, as 'weapons' covers everything from small arms to field artillery to armed ground vehicles to aircraft, etc.

What were the weapons used in the Greek war?

· Bow/arrow · Club/hammer · Shield - One of the important ancient Greek weapons was the shield. This was used by a hoplite to smash a spear of an opponent. · Ballista - A ballista was an important ancient Greek weapon. A Ballista was a weapon of siege from which multiple arrows coul (MORE)

Weapons in use in Vietnam war?

American weapons used were M-16s, Napalm (jellied petroleum delivered by flamethrowers), Agent Orange (Herbicide with nasty side effects), Anti-Personnel Gas (Self-explanatory delivered by grenades) and Helicopters. Vietnamese used Kalashnikov AK-47s, landmines and other booby traps.

What weapons were used on World War I?

The weapons that were used in World War 1 were rifles, machine guns, revolvers, rockets, zeppelins, tanks, planes, artillery, many kinds of warships, gases, and torpedoes.

When did they use siege weapons in wars?

Siege Engines have been used since the time of the Roman Empire. They were useful when the invaders found their way blocked by a castle or similar large structure. There have been programs from BBC detailing how and why the various siege weapons were used. The modern equivalent to siege engines are (MORE)

The uses of nuclear weapons in war?

Blowing up big things. Blowing up hardened installations. Antiaircraft that takes out entire formation of planes in one shot. Other things like that.

What weapons they use in Vietnam war?

NVA used the T54/55 medium gun tank and PT76 Amphibious light tank. US forces used the M48A3 Patton tank and M551 Sheridan tank. Australians used the Centurion 84mm medium tank. ARVNs used the M41 Walker Bulldog light tank. North Vietnamese Air Force flew the MiG17, 19, and 21. USAF/USN flew the F1 (MORE)

What weapons were used in Vietnam War?

1. The primary heavy bomber was the B52 Stratofortress. 2. The primary ground support fighter-bomber was the F100 Super Sabre. 3. The primary chopper was the UH-1. 4. The primary rifle was the M16 jungle rifle. 5. The primary US tank was the Patton. 6. The primary US Cavalry tank was the Sheridan. 7 (MORE)

Where was the first bagpipe ever made?

Many if not most cultures around the world have had a form of bagpipes in their cultural history, as such its hard to pin down where the first set came from, but the earliest evidence of bagpipes is from about 1000BC.

What weapons did the sioux use for war?

Lakota weapons were just the same as those of their neighbours on the Great Plains, the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Crows, Blackfoot and others - the differences were in decoration and sometimes the types of materials used. Missile weapons were limited to bows and arrows, with spears, clubs, knives and ha (MORE)

Why were weapons not used in the cold war?

Plenty of weapons were used, but no world war occurred nor were nuclear weapons used in any of the wars that occurred. The cold war was a very strange political and propaganda war between the US & USSR, that included no direct military conflict between them.

When were airplanes used as weapons in war?

In World War II the Axis powers turned their airplanes into weapons during Kamikaze missions. The Japanese are the most famous for this. Kamikaze missions were suicide missions, so the pilots flew to a target and aimed their plane to the ground and BOOM. Kamikaze missions were also prevalent in sea (MORE)

What weapon did Athena use in war?

She used a frog leg and whipped people with it until they died and t usally took only 3 whips because goddes were scared of frog legs.

How where the weapons used in the Vietnam war?

Here is a list of weapons that they used during the Vietnam War: Small arms Knives/bayonets M6 bayonet M7 bayonet KA-BAR (USMC) KCB70 bayonet (Limited use with Stoner 63 rifle only) Pistols & revolvers Browning High Power pistol - used by Australian and New Zealand forces. Also used on (MORE)

What weapons are used in the Palestinian war?

There are a large number of wars that have involved Palestinians and none of them has been called the Palestinian War. Please resubmit your question by defining which war you are referring to.

Who used what weapons in the civil war?

Artillery used a rifled, muzzle loading cannon. The infantry, for the most part, used a muzzle loading percussion cap rifle, firing a conical, hollow based Minié ball. Later in the war, the single-shot breach loading Sharps was introduced. The carbine version of the Sharps was popular with the ca (MORE)

What were the weapons of the US Civil War?

Many weapons were used in the civil war. Some of them are: 1) Edged weapons; 2) Handguns; 3) Riffles; 4) Grenades; 5) Rapid fire weapons; 6) Also many types of cannons 7) Ironclad warships; 8) turreted cannons of Union monitors; 9) Confederate submarines; and 19) Torpedoes by the South. More detail (MORE)

In the vietnam war what weapons were used?

A pretty wide variety.. far too many to be feasibly listed here,and includes small arms ranging from flintlock rifles to the (then)latest assault rifles, armored vehicles, field artillery pieces,antiaircraft artillery, guided and unguided bombs, etc. Could youtry narrowing your scope a little bit?