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Were did the egyptians get the limestone for pyramids?

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Much of the stone was cut from a plateau near the pyramid site. Some harder and smoother stone came from quarries just across the Nile. Stone could also be - and was - brought from quarries all along the Nile for a distance up to 100 miles upstream. The ease of transport by water made this a simpler proposition than getting stone from closer by, but overland. After all, a couple of camels can haul a barge, whereas a single stone block might need 200 men to drag it across the desert sand.
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How did they transport the limestone to the pyramid?

how did they transport the limestone to the pyramid? no 1 knows it was never written or passed down The generally accepted method is that the stones were placed on wooden sle

Why are pyramids made of limestone?

It is found in great abundance in the Nile Valley. It is a sedimentary rock relatively easy to work with the tools available to the ancient Egyptians.