Were is the ambient air temperature sensor located on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee?

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Upper left front view of the radiator.
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Where is the oil sensor located on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If you mean the oil sending switch, mine is located immediately beside the oil filter. In fact, last montha ham-fisted mechanic at the dealership broke it when he was removing the oil filter and had to replace it. On the V8 5.2L it is located on the top of the engine, near to the firewall next to the distributor on the passenger side. It does require a special tool to remove because it is tall like a deep socket but fat enough that a deep socket will not work on it.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A 5.2 crank sensor is located on the rear of the cylinder head onthe passenger side. It is at where the block&head bolttogether. You will need a (I believe) a 7mm hex head. Use 1/4 drivewith extensions and several swivel joints. remove spark plugwiresto ease access. Once you see it, you'll understand. I think that might be the Camchaft positioning sensor, a verycommon mistake. I've even heard of people taking their jeep in toget the crank sensor replaced and the mechanic replaces the camsensor instead. I believe the crank sensor (on the 1993 jeep grandCherokee limited anyway) with the 5.2l v8 is located on thepassenger side of the vehicle mounted on the bellhousing. I'mactually getting ready to replace mine right now. Both answers are correct for the crank (crankshaft) sensor. Thecamshaft sensor is located on a plate in the distributor.

Where are the sensors or the governor solenoid for 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

remove the transmission pan. remove filter. plate held on by the two torx that hold the filter on is where your sensor and solenoid are located. The sensor is mounted horizontally with a right angle connector housing and the solenoid in mounted vertically with a retainer plate holding it into the governor housing. 99 on trannies used a plastic 4 prong inline connector sensor, 95 on used a four prong connector on the sensor and most pre-95 used a three prong. solenoid were for the most part the same through-out the years

Where is the coolant sensor in a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

What type of coolant sensor? The below answer is for the coolant LEVEL sensor. The coolant TEMPERATURE sensor on my vehicle is located just next to the thermostat housing. On the front top center area of the engine just behind the radiator. Follow the coolant hoses if you have trouble. On my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee the sensor is located on the top of the plastic coolant reservoir tank. Look for a small (2-wire?) electrical connector.

Where is the location of the cam shaft sensor on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Depends on the engine, old strait 6 in the center of the block passenger side in some inside the distributor since it has a cap and rotor, later versions of the strait 6 with no distributor but coils on plug is just a sensor located where the distributor would be center right side of the engine block, on the 5.2 V-8 in the rear center of the engine inside the distributor, on the later V-6 and 4.7 V-8 on the front right side of the engine cylinder head

What does the ambient air temperature sensor do on a 2000 Ford Taurus and where is it located?

http://www.freeengineinfo.com/air-temp-sensor.htm. An air temperature sensor is used on fuel injected engines. The purpose of an air temperature sensor is to help the computer calculate air density. A change in temperature changes the resistance in the sensor. Simply stated, the higher the air temperature gets the less dense the air becomes. As the air becomes less dense the computer knows that it needs to lessen the fuel flow. If the fuel flow was not changed the engine would become rich, possibly losing power and consuming more fuel. The temp sender is generally located in the air inlet tube or the air box. The wire running to the sensor can be disconnected then the sensor can be unscrewed and replaced. Some aftermarket companies trick this sensor with a resistor (false temp reading) to make the engine run richer. If a engine has been tuned lean this trickery can show mild power gains.

Where is the Ambient air temperature sensor located on a Nissan maxima?

I have a 2003 Maxima SE. The ambient air temp sensor is yellow and it is located inside the grill under the hood latch - between the round bells for the horn. You will need a pair of plyers to hold the top of the yellow piece and a small flat screwdriver to push the little tab that hold the two parts of it together. Good Luck!

Where is the temperature sending unit on a jeep grand Cherokee 2001?

The temp sensor is generally screwed into the thermostat housing.. Not sure what the issue is you are having, but with my 01 Grand Cherokee I had a cooling fan relay fail. Basically the fan wasnt working, tested it using jumpers and it worked fine. Learned through online that the relay is located behind the front bumper. Basically you remove the passenger side headlight and use a hole saw and drill a hole in the top of the bumper. The relay is right there. Also, the drilled hole is invisible once you re install the headlight.. Hope this helps.

Where is the ambient air temperature sensor located in a 2001 jetta?

It is located under the rain tray on the outside of the car on the drivers side close to the wall. Pull off the wipers, then take the plastic rain tray off. It is located far left (drivers side) with a 2 pin plug to it.. It is located under the rain tray on the outside of the car on the drivers side close to the wall. Pull off the wipers, then take the plastic rain tray off. It is located far left (drivers side) with a 2 pin plug to it.

Where is the map sensor located on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The MAP (Manifold Absolute Presssure) sensor is located under the throttle body and will have an electrical connection as well as a vacuum line going to it. If you follow the air tube from your air filter box to the top of your engine the throttle body lives under there and removing the plastic nut where the air tube terminates will allow you to see the throttle body and the other associated parts. Go to a parts store and ask to see a Map Sensor for your specific engine and you will then be able to immediately identify the thing on your engine. The exact location of the MAP sensor is slightly different depending on the engine that your Jeep has. More Detailed Question = Better Answer. I follow every question I answer so if you have a further question please ask and I'll do my best to help.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

On the 4.0L It's on the bell housing of the flywheel. Open the hood, look from drivers side past the engine toward the rear of the vehicle (past firewall). Google the picture of what it looks like and you'll see it at 2 o'clock position on the bell housing. I'd suggest a ratchet crescent wrench to take it off. B-tch to get to with regular ratchet. On the 4.7L it is on the side of the block, in front of the flywheel.

Where is main catalyst sensor located on 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

catalyst is measured by readings from both primary and secondary oxygen sensors. On V8 engines you may have bank 1 and bank 2 depending on year of vehicle if you have a cat efficiency low code most likely it is the converter itself I have had to replace a lot of them but it is best to verify with a scan tool ASE certified master tech / L1

Where is the horn located on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

The horn is located under the front right (passenger) side bumper above the wheel. You will need to remove the battery to get to it, or possibly you can access it by removing the front wheel. There are two horn units on the JGC with connectors that are shared by the fog lights - so by tracing the fog light wires you'll be able to find the horn.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1997 crankshaft sensor location?

If your sitting in the drivers seat it is under yer right leg. "On top of the transmision". its tricky but you can get to it. But everyone will tell you that you have to pull the tranny. they lie . I've changed it out many times. Critical: do not forget the spacer that goes in first :)

How many oxygen sensors are there on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee and where are they located?

On that model if you have a 4.0 inline six there are two.The first is located inside the engine bay on the driver side aprox. a foot after the exhaust pipe leaves the manifold. The second is under the pass. side of the truck in the exhaust pipe close to the ctalytic converter.If you have the v8 there is two on either side of the truck in just about the same locations as the other.Where the exh. pipe leaves manifold aprox. ten to twelve inches down. the other is under the truck close to the cat. conv. Remember the v8 model has two on either side of the truck. look for the big sparkplug looking thing with a wire coming out of it. Good luck.

How does an ambient air temperature sensor work?

it uses outside air temperature to calculate the temperature of theair taken into the engine so that the engine can combust asefficiently as possible, obviously correlating & teamingreadings from other sensors such as lambda/throttleposition/manifold actual pressure/mass air flow etc.

Where is the cam sensor located on a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee?

4.0L, next to the oil filter on the passenger side of the block. 4.7L, under the front edge of the passenger side cylinder head. 4.0L, next to the oil filter on the passenger side of the block. 4.7L, under the front edge of the passenger side cylinder head.

Where is Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Connector located in a ford E350 2002?

It's located in the air filter box. If your standing at the drivers fender with the hood up by the hood strut look down to the left and you should see a 2 wire connector poking out of the air filter box. Thats it. Never had issues with them in 10+ yrs as a ford mechanic so maybe look else were if chasing an issue. Don't rule it out but not many problems in California. Now other states where it's colder and humid and more salt on the roads then that statements thrown out the window cause these conditions can cause some pretty funky things to electronics. Good luck, hope this helped.