What is a non integer?

Real Numbers is an alternative to integers. Real Numbers include both rational numbers, such as 42 and −23/129, and irrational numbers, such as pi and the square root of (MORE)

What are non arthropods?

By definition a non-arthropod would be any member of a phylumoutside phylum arthropoda, for example, mollusca, chordata,annelida, etc. A creature lacking in the characteristic (MORE)

What is non verbal?

A nonverbal is something like the rolling of eyes, crossing your arms, etc, etc. it isn't that hard to pick up. If you're talking to someone and they're not making very good e (MORE)
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What is non-radioactive?

Every stable isotope is non radioactive. That is the definition of "stable." It is possible protons have a half life, but if so it exceeds 6.6 decillion years. Hydrogen and de (MORE)

What is non-halal?

The non halal is called in Arabic haram (or forbidden in English). It means all what is forbidden, per Islam religion, to do, say, eat, wear, see, hear, ...etc.
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What is non-Islamic?

All types of music are considered as haram and prohibite except using the tampourine during merriages.

What is non-exludability?

Non-excludability is a quality describing the nature of a good or service. Non-excludable means that the good can be simultaneously used/consumed by more than one economic act (MORE)