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Were there twins in The Bible?

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The Bible mentions Jacob and Esau. (Genesis 25:24-26)
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Were there twins in the Bible other than Jacob and Esau?

A: The apostle Thomas, the one called 'Didymus' must have been a  twin: Thomas was not a proper name, but meant 'twin' in Aramaic, as  does 'Didymus' in Greek. We do not kno

Were there female twins in bible?

Evidentally not. there is a paucity of female characters ( some exceptions as Mary, Elizabeth ( Mother of John the Baptist) , Ruth, Naomi, in the Holy Bible. there was one fem

Where in the Bible do they teach about evil twins?

Genesis 25:24 in the beginning mention of Esau and Jacob. Esau was a source of bitterness, but it never says he was a evil man. Genesis 26:34 And E′sau grew to be forty ye

Who was a twin in The Bible?

In Genesis, there are two sets of twins mentioned: Jacob and Esau, Perez and Zerah Genesis 25:24-26 (NIV) 24 When the time came for her to give birth, there were twin boys i

How many twins was recorded in the bible?

I know one pear of twins in the bible, it is in the book of Genesis . the twins are Jacob and Esau. Answer #2: There is also Doubting Thomas, who was called 'Thomas Didymus

Was the twin towers in the bible?

no the bible didnt talk about the world trade center plus it was built in 1966 and the bible talk about people in history in A.D and B.C

Are twins different in the bible?

All human beings are born as individuals and as such 'different' than each other.

How many twins are mentioned in the Bible?

A:The most well known twins in the Bible would be Jacob and Esau. There was constant rivalry between these twins, who fought even in the womb. The apostle Thomas, the one ca

Who were the first set of twins in the Bible?

The first mention of human twins is here with Esau and Jacob:   Genesis 25:24-25New King James Version (NKJV) 24 So when her days were fulfilled for her to give birth, in

Who was Isaac's twin brother in the bible?

Isaac did not have a twin brother. He did, however, have twin sons: Jacob & Esau. (Genesis 25:24-26) 24 Gradually her days came to the full for giving birth, and, look! twin