What's a digital camera with in-camera color change editor?

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I think it is where you can change it to black and white or sepia or vibrant. I had that on my camera. You can change it on the camera before you take the picture.
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How has the digital camera changed over time?

the camera has changed in shape in use. the camera is also a video camera and is now used on phone ipods and more . The 'dude' who wrote this ^^^^^^. Spelled camera wrong.... HAHHAHAHHAHAH. DO NOT use information from him.

How has the camera changed?

The camera has changed a lot and one of the changes is that first the colours were black and white but now there every colour(including black and white)! :) :P :D ;)

How much do digital cameras cost?

The price of digital cameras depends on the quality and size of camera one is purchasing. The cheapest new digital camera sell for around 60 dollars and the most expensive digital cameras sell for around 2000 dollars. The average price of a digital camera is around 400 dollars.

What is a digital camera?

A digital camera will save the picture onto a flash memory card instead of on a photosensitive paper (film) that would need to be developed (which is how a regular camera works.). This is a camera that does not use film, but instead stored the photographs in a digital format in memory on the camera (MORE)

Who invented the color digital camera?

some sources say adolf Hitler invented it in ww2 but im not sure which scientist really invented it, or if it was really the Germans. hope this helps :) ben.

What does a digital camera do?

Digital Cameras mainly take photos, but they can have extra features that enable it to do more, like record Video, take photos when a certain amount of movement is detected. Most Digital Cameras use SD or SDHC cards and can differ in performance, like Mega Pixels how sharp a photo is when taken, Zoo (MORE)

How did the digital camera change the world?

Well it made it where people could see the picture they took and decide whether they wanted to keep the picture on there or not, so they don't have to waste film or something like in a regular camera. Also you could choose which pictures you want to print.:)

Does a digital camera use digital signals?

The signal directly from the sensor is analog. It is than converted to digital, and a digital signal is used for processing.. The signal directly from the sensor is analog. It is than converted to digital, and a digital signal is used for processing.

What is digital camera?

It is a camera that can record photographs and stores themdigitally. Most use small removable cards to record the photos on.

How does the lens on a digital camera change the apparent depth of an image?

"Depth of an image" as you call it, is usually referred to as "depth of field". This is purely a function of the physical aperture size used at the moment the picture is taken at a given distance, and is not limited to digital cameras. However, if your question is more about the spatial relationship (MORE)

What can a digital Camera do?

A digital camera takes photos in a digital format which brings a number of benefits for those wanting to edit images as the image can quickly and easily be transferred onto a computer (normally via USB) and edit with the many free/paid image editing software that are available. Backing up a digital (MORE)

What does a digital camera have that a 35mm camera doesn't have?

A digital camera has a surface that it made up of many tinyelectronic devices that produce signals when light coming inthrough the lens falls on them. These signals are recorded insidethe camera. A 35mm film camera uses film as that surface. Film changeschemically when touched by light. This film i (MORE)

What is the difference a normal camera and a digital camera?

Until about ten years ago cameras used film -- clear plastic with a coating that is sensitive to light. The camera exposed light from the scene onto the film which was later removed from the camera and put in chemicals to cause the images to appear. This chemical process is called developing the fil (MORE)

What determines the color quality of a digital camera?

The quality of the sensor, and the camera's software. The lens is a bit of an issue in some cases. Color can be tweaked so during post-processing, that the product coming from the camera is almost a moot point unless you are a professional. Generally speaking, if you have a brand-name camera, the (MORE)

Compare digital camera with film cameras?

Film cameras need the actual literal film while digital cameras need the memory. So basically you can take a lot more pictures with a digital camera compared to one roll of film camera. - - - - - You don't NEED to send digital camera photos to a lab to be processed, unless you want prints and the (MORE)

What do digital cameras do?

A digital camera is a camera that stores the pictures and video ittakes in electronic format instead of to film. Digital camera advantages . LCD screen . Storage . Picture development . Size

What is better a digital camera or aregular camera?

Digital camera is better. Canon EOS 5D Mark II If you're looking for an excellent, full-frame DSLR, the 5D Mk2 is very, very good. It's at least 1 full F-stop more sensitive to light than my Canon 1DS Mk2. A setting of ASA 800 or 1000 yields about the same noise level as my older camera at ASA 4 (MORE)

What are the differencesss between digital camera and camera?

ok when you mean camera you mean the media 35 mm SLR. digital cameras have comperable picture quality to slr cameras 10 mpix is just as good if not better than 35 mm. some people feel that digital photography is inpersonal that you can take 400 pictures in one day when in the world of 35 mm you we (MORE)

Why is a camera phone inferior to a digital camera?

A camera phone normally does not have as good of a lens as a digital camera and most do not have flash. They also have less resolution (lower megapixels) than a real digital camera. Their pictures are OK, but not great.

Which digital camera has the exif information on digital cameras?

It is an amazing camera by Nikon d90, expecially for amateur and enthusiast level photographers. The feature list is fantastic, plus the fact that it has the sensor of similar quality as the professional grade D300 model The AF-S NIKKOR 18-105mm 3.5-5.6G VR ED wide-angle zoom lens included with th (MORE)

How do you use digital slr camera?

Start by powering on the camera and ensuring you have enough light around. Next, adjust the image mode to different modes such as Portrait, Landscape, Closeup or Sports depending on what you need. Now, adjust the aperture to decide the amount of light to reach. The aperture settings are marked by th (MORE)

How many kilograms is a digital camera?

One of the lightest digital camera is Casio EXILIM EX-M1 with its weight 86 g, but heaviest body has Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III - 1385 g. With Canon body one you need some lens too, so with heaviest lens Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM (5375 g), the total weight could be 6 kg and 760 g. So broadly we (MORE)

How do you change your ISO on a digital camera?

Most cameras have a built in button for the ISO function. You can click on it and then change the number. If there's isn't a button you should check the different settings menus for that option.

Why you have changed from old film cameras to digital camera?

Why have I changed? I haven't, I have both still. It depends upon the purpose of the shoot. If it is a quick pic of something I really don't care about the final quality I use digital (kijiji ads, insurance documentation, how the motor I am tearing down for rebuild looked through the process). If (MORE)

Which is better a film camera or a digital camera?

Film and Digital Cameras are very different but share the samebasics, the difference between Digital and Film is that with Filmyou can expect better quality photos then Digital cameras, Filmcameras can be expected to last longer then Digital Cameras, andsince Film Cameras haven't changed since the 1 (MORE)

What is optical and digital zoom in a digital camera?

Optical zoom is the ability of the camera lens to zoom in before capturing the picture Digital zoom is the ability of the camera to zoom in after capturing the actual picture. See the related link below for more information.

Why do the prices of digital cameras change?

The prices of digital cameras change because people are becoming more and more "electronically correct", so to speak. They have come up with a lot more ways to make the cameras more efficient, and it costs money to run the tests, and the cameras become more valuable, which overall, causing the price (MORE)

Can a film camera can convert to digital camera?

No. You cannot economically convert a film camera to a digitalcamera. The digital system is very different and fitting it to an existingfilm camera is more expensive than buying a new digital camera. Some of the more expensive professional cameras can change betweenfilm and digital backs replacing (MORE)

Can you change the color of your iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5c comes in 5 colours, pink, green, white, blue andyellow. You can buy different colour cases. You can also changeyour background on you lock screen and home screen.

How did cameras get color?

Experiments into colour photography began in the 1840s, not longafter photography itself was first developed, but was limited inthe range of it's success. The quality and range of colour wasseverely limited to the three primary colours, as in the chemicallycomplex Hillotype process invented by the A (MORE)