What's the meaning of Dance with the one that brung ya?

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see http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/Texas/entry/dance_with_the_one_who_brung_you_darrell_royal/
its an old Texas saying "Dance with the one that brung you" was a favorite expression of University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal. In sports, it means to go with the players and plays that result in wins. Molly Ivins wrote a book titled "You got to dance with them what brung you: politics in the Clinton years" (1998). Shania Twain recorded a song titled "Dance With the One That Brought You" (1993). The phrase was not coined by Darrell Royal. A song "I'm Going to Dance With the One Who Brung Me" was popular in the 1920s.

Speak Texan
in 30 minutes or less
by Lou Hudson
The Texas Twang Preservation Society
Fort Worth: The Great Texas Line
(no date)
Pg. 36:
You dance with them that brung ya.
-An old Texas expression of loyalty

Dance with the guy who brung you, the old expression goes. It's a pro football axiom. Translated, it means: Keep doing what has been successful for you.
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Does Ya Ya mean grandmother?

YaYa is a first name, I believe that it originates from Brazil. It's not from Brazil I'm Brazilian and I don't know what's Ya Ya Edit- Ya Ya is not Portuguese, it is Greek for Grandmother.

What does ya ya mean?

In my knowledge, it is Greek for Grandmother, so it can be anaffectionate term for a grandmother.

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Ay ay ay means "Oh oh oh," literally, in Spanish. It is an exclamation of several different emotions, similar to a person saying "Oh my!" in English.

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What do ana and ya mean in Arabic?

(أنا) ana means "I" (يا) ya is used to direct attention to someone or something.This is a concept that does not really exist in English. Theclosest equivalent would be " O' ", as in " O' my sweetheart, cometo me", which in Arabic would be: (يا حبيبتي ØªØ (MORE)

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A girl I know asked that to me when I questioned her on something.. A girl I know asked that to me when I questioned her on something she was won't do. Can anyone tell me?

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"Ya mas" are modern Greek words meaning "For us". They could also be used when making a toast "For Us".

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The question 'es ya bien?' means Is it still o.k .? Is it o.k. now ? In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'es' means '[he/she/it] is'. The adverb 'ya' means 'already, finally, now, presently'. And the adverb 'bien' means 'well, fine'.

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The Game has only a few rules. If you think about The Game, you have just lost the game. If you lose the game, you must proclaim this loudly to anyone nearby, because otherwise they would be winning the game when you have just lost. The Game can only be lost about every 30 minuites

What does ya ya mean in Swahili?

It means : party time This contributor has never heard ya ya in such a meaning. he has often heard it meaning "yes, yes." Yaya means nanny or babysitter.

What does mor ya mean in Gaelic?

It's "mar dhea" in Irish, pronounced moryah, and means "forsooth", It's used a bit like "Oh, sure!", "Oh, right!" or "would you believe it?" to express distainful incredulity, e.g. "They believed they were smartest guys in the room. The masters of the universe, mar dhea!"

What does allahalek ya sidi mean?

Well, "ya sidi" means "master" in Egyptian Arabic. So in the song, Ihab Tawfik is like telling the girl "Allah alakhy" like what she has done to him because he's in love with her.

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'Luv ya' is a corruption of '[I] love you'. The expression is a term of endearment between close friends (implying fraternal love) or between lovers (implying a closer love). he wishes you be him girl friend

What does this quote mean - Dance with who brung you this dance?

"You dance with them what brung you" is an old saying which meansit might be in your best interest to "Dance with"; or, go out ofyour way to show rightfully due gratitude and consideration, byyour actions and words towards "them what brung you" or those whohelped you, get where you are. The implied (MORE)

What does this idiom mean Dance with the one who brought you to the dance?

It probably originally it meant exactly what it states. You shoulddance with the one that brought you to the dance, but it hasevolved to mean to stay the course with the person(s), talent,process or system that got you here. In interpersonal relationships it implies the importance of loyaltyto your (MORE)

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It is an expression that implies/means "it has gotten together" "things are going" ""it has started" ie Ya se armo la fiesta "the party is going" Ya se armo la pelea "The fight has started"

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"Ya Allah" means/is used in situations where you're asking for god's help because you are frustrated or having difficulty with something. For example you are working on a complex math problem and you can't seem to get the right answer- you'd say "ya allah"

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It could mean, "Now you're telling me something!" or it could mean, "NOW you tell me something?" It just depends on where the speaker puts the vocal accent while saying the sentence.

What does ya er mean in germany?

ja er would normally mean yes he. However that doesn't make sense so it's probably a grammar error that means Yes Him. *Ja ihm*

What does Ya Hasan Ya Husayn mean in Arabic?

If you mean Al-Hassan wa Al-Hussein, these are the grand kids for the messenger of Islam "Muhammad" and whom he loved and played a lot. Many people like to name their kids after them especially when they are twins. These are both male names. Hassan means handsom or good. Al is like "the". If you me (MORE)

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The word ya is slang word for the word you. It is used in the South a lot with the word all to make yaÕll. It is also short for yes, for example Òdo you want ice cream?Ó, Òya I do.

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Literally, it means, "Well [Uh], now it/he/she is." (Indicating that it just became a different way than it was formerly.) It can also mean, "He/she/it is here now." (When he/she/it wasn't here formerly.) It can also mean, "It's that way now."

What does 'ya' mean in Colombian Spanish?

The best translation for "ya" in English is "yet" in its more archaic usage. "Ya" can translate to a number of English prepositions (or other expressions) like in the following examples. " Ya no he llegado." = "I have not arrived yet ." "Mi amigo ya comió la ensalada." = "My friend alre (MORE)

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Answer 1 Ya is kind of like you but kind of different since it's used to call someone something example: "You are a person", or "You are my sweetheart" It is also an Arabic letter (which is equivalent to the English Y). Answer 2 Answer 1 is correct that "Ya" is an Arabic letter. However (MORE)

What does ya haul mean in German?

Perhaps you mean "jawohl"? If so, it means basically "yes". If you see it in a war movie, said by a German soldier, it basically means "yes, sir!"

What does the term Ya Hussain mean?

The term Ya Hussain is an Arabic phrase for the name Hussain ibn Ai. It is normally used vocally en masse when celebrating his birthday and other religious occasions.

What does ya somos novios mean?

The meaning of "Ya somos novios" can vary depending on the countryor region. It translates to: . We're dating already . We're boyfriend/girlfriend already . We're going out already . We're engaged already . We're lovers already

What does he combined with ya ya mean in Arabic?

"ya" might mean an arabic word in AGCC dialect meaning "came" . so when it is combined with "He" saying he ya ya it might mean"he came" and when repeating the word "ya" twice it becomes" he camehe came " . or simply it means he is here , he is here

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I assume that "ya ti hey" means a yeti? A yeti is also known as theAbominable Snowman. It is an ape-like creature that is said toinhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Whether itexists or not is open to conjecture.